Ritualistic's first "real" layout sported brown, grey and yellow as its signature colors. Initially only 600 pixels wide, a mild mid-cycle facelift grew the site to 800 pixels.
Dubbed "remix", Ritualistic's first major design overhaul introduced the now familiar blue and white color scheme.
Code-named "360", the latest design took the "remix" colors and threw orange into the mix, while growing the site to a width of 1000 pixels.
The Ritualistic Forums are the centerpiece of our community, and frequently visited by members of Ritual Entertainment.
3D accelerator cards have changed the way we think about graphics. The Internet has changed the way we think about multiplayer. And a small group of developers in Dallas is changing everything we know about games. The next generation of action games is here, made by Ritual Entertainment.

Welcome to the new era.


Founded on January 1st, 1998, by die hard gamers and industry insiders, Ritualistic's mission initially was to provide gamers with the most up to date and reliable news on Ritual Entertainment's ground-breaking first person shooter Sin. The site quickly became the biggest Sin fansite and reguarly featured exclusive content and comprehensive news coverage.

More than eight years later, Ritualistic is now Ritual Entertainment's Online Community Hub - the definite source of news and information regarding all of the company's projects and the people behind them. Ritualistic also hosts the Ritualistic Forums where Ritual Tribesmen frequently hang out and interact with the community.

Whenever a new story breaks, you'll read it here first.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our readers with the most up to date and reliable news on anything we decide is newsworthy, but especially about our primary focus: Ritual's Projects. This means breaking as much news first to the public as we possibly can, as well as supporting our growing community with links and information. We are covering all Ritual-related projects, past, present, and future.


Core Team

This dedicated group of people keeps Ritualistic afloat during its day-to-day operations:

Steve "badman" Hessel - Site Director
An avid Ritual fan since Day One, badman quickly slept his way to the top and is now in control of Ritualistic, where he finally managed to realize his lifelong dream of having his own private army of plastic sheep. In addition to directing the efforts of the team behind Ritualistic, badman also serves as Ritual Entertainment's community relations manager.
Andrew "Stylsy" Styles - News & Content Director
After being webmaster of a fansite during the development of Elite Force II, Stylsy promoted himself to mainstream geekdom by joining Ritualistic in June 2004 after being impressed with the title and Condition Zero. Stylsy now provides news and content on all things Ritual as well as attempting to get to grips with sheep-related German customs.
Erik "LeftE" Hanson - News Editor
Erik has been with Ritualistic since before SiN, joining the small crew in 1998 to report on the goings on in a small startup game developer shortly before called Hypnotic Entertainment, by then renamed Ritual. While he has begat two children and grown into his 30s in the near-decade since teaming up, he still tries to spend time visiting Ritual's offices, playtesting the latest Ritual production, and visiting Badman for lunch when the German is in town.

Other Staff Members

These staff members also contribute to Ritualistic:

Goran "SpaecKow" Grce - Staff Writer
Jon "Scarcrux" Scarpelli - News Editor
Paul "Filth" Thureen - News Editor
James "Sui" Wragg - News & Content Editor
Aaron "Lithium" Corcoran - Owner
Maarten "Hexagon" Goldstein - Co-owner

Community Moderators

These community members are helping us keep a lid on the craziness and lunacy that are the Ritualistic Forums:

JezzyBall - SiN Episodes, SiN, and Miscellaneous forums
Sarkie - SiN Episodes Tech Help


PC Games' website of the day
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Special Thanks

Without the following people Ritualistic wouldn't be as cool:

  • Ritual Entertainment, of course, for being such incredibly nice guys
  • Patrick "Millennium" Curry and Ben "PSX" Hamilton, who started this site along with Maarten and Aaron.
  • Shane Sherman, Brad Wernicke and Chris Day for their initial scripting/hosting help.
  • Jeff "The Last Doomer" Earls and Anthony "Strife`" Haxby for their layout help and feedback.