Special Feature: 10 Years of Ritual Entertainment
SiN Episodes
Counter-Strike Xbox
Star Trek Elite Force II
Heavy Metal FAKK2
  • Sin Map of the Week (2002)
    Squonkamatic reviews user-made SiN multiplayer maps.

  • Sexual Chocolate's Guide To SiN (December.9.1999)
    Sexual Chocolate gives a fairly complete guide to solving SiN! He gets most of the secrets, levels, and tips to solving SiN

  • Adding a message of the day (April.8.1999)
    RiEvEr explains how to code the usage of a Message of the Day. For people who can compile the source code!

  • Walk Forward. Stop. Fire. (April.7.1999)
    ReDeMpTiOn bot programmer RiEvEr sits down for a chat with Hexagon about ReDeMpTiOn. What's coming next, how long has he been programming, what kinda of extra stuff will he be programming for the SiN arcade machine?

  • After Sin has sung (February.24.99)
    Levelord's view on the development of SiN, explaining what went right and what went wrong.

  • Wages of SiN review (Feb.21.99)
    Lithium review's 2015 mission pack for SiN, Wages of SiN.

  • Sin talk at The Frag 2 (Nov.02.98)
    LeftE tells us about the features of the full version of Sin, based on the talk from Ritual at The Frag 2 and seeing it at the Ritual office.

  • Hexagon's guide to multiplayer SiN (Aug.13.98)
    Hexagon explains how to get on a Sin server in just 7 easy steps. For those who can't figure it out :)

  • Fargo's E3 Sin impressions + interview (June.3.98)
    Fargo from PQ takes a look at Sin at E3, and also provides us with an interview with level designer Charlie Wiederhold.

  • Millennium's SiN preview (May.30.98)
    Ritualistic's Millennium reports on Sin from E3.

  • The SiN FAQ (January.18.98)
    The SiN FAQ has the latest SiN information.

  • Lithium's SiN Preview (Jan.1.98)