Return of Lithium
For those of you that have heard the name Lithium before, re-greetings. For those of you that have no clue who I am, let me just take a moment and introduce myself. I used to be a pretty active member in the gaming industry until a few years ago when the whole real life situation hit me. I decided to get involved with the dot com boom (and bust) in Austin, TX and pretty much dropped my roots from the gaming industry at that time. Besides just dropping out of the eye of the gaming community, I also dropped out of school to pursue this pie in the sky dream of mine in Austin.

However, when things did not work out for me there, I did some soul searching and decided to return to Louisiana State University and graduate in Information Systems. I got a bit involved with Evercrack for a couple years, but still lacked the presence in the gaming community that I yearned for years before. I talked with the owner of Guild Portal for a couple of years and it really started to get my interest peaked again. After graduating, I accepted a position doing .NET development and decided to return to school to pursue my MBA.

During this time, I found the woman of my dreams and got engaged (wedding is May 30th of this year) and purchased a nice little place for myself in Baton Rouge. This past April 13th was my 26th birthday and I decided that I really missed working for some of my best buddies at I decided to do something about this desire and touch base with them once again to see if they would enjoy any more help on the site.

Although it has been quite a bit of years, my foundation has been leveled and I am starting as a newbie once again in the gaming realm. I look forward to the enjoyment and the challenge of once again supporting Ritual and in all of the endeavors to come. Thanks to LeftE, badman, and Hexagon for keeping the dream alive and allowing me to return to screw stuff up.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at or read up on what I have been doing in the past at I am not going to use Ritualistic as my personal forum to let you know all the adventures that have been going on, that is the place where the mayhem of the gaming industry reins supreme.