Ensign Lithium's Demo Impressions

The Elite Force II single player demo is here!
After installing the demo on my Pentium 1 GHz with an ancient GeForce2 Ultra, I had little expectations for the game. I felt the system I was running was a bit behind the time for the technology that was about to be presented to me. However, once I clicked on the icon, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the game ran on my system.

After previewing some of the screenshots, as well as the various trailers that had been released, I went into the demo with average expectations and came out with a smile on my face. I also was a bit worried after hearing the problems a lot of people were having with the difficulty of the game. I won’t lie, the game was not as difficult as many made it out to be, however, I won’t lie…I used quick save/quick load combos quite often to achieve the tasks at hand.

The Hazard Team comes to the aid of an Attrexian colony that's come under attack.

The weapons provided were nicely skinned and designed, however I went through the entire game with a feeling that I was never carrying enough firepower around for the challenges that lay ahead. Of course, I think this might offer the gamer a new experience in the FPS realm. Instead of being overpowered with weapons that can insta-kill, a lot of strafing a usage of the environment comes into play when attacking the slue of creatures that is out for your blood.

The maps were well designed as far as not allowing the player to really get lost. I felt that this is often times an aggravation for many. Simply running around in circles getting frustrated often times leads gamers to cheat, or to simply walk away from the game, yet this environment was user friendly in the sense that you never really felt lost in the game and didn’t necessarily feel as if you were being guided through an easy quest.

The demo also provided a nice view of some of the creatures we were going to face. This part was interesting, as you start of the mission surrounded by these damn annoying bugs. No real time to get acquainted with your surroundings, but plenty of time to eat through your ammo trying to figure out their weaknesses. I know it was simply a demo, but I wanted to see more baddies walking around. Although I was hoping for a gruesome death scene, I did enjoy the little puffs of smoke that arose from the corpses of the little bastards.

Meet Korban, a new member of the Hazard Team.
Back to the hardware issues; I had none, which was a complete surprise to me. Although I had some minor clicking noise in my SoundBlaster Live Value card, this was minimal and really took nothing away from the game. If I can run this on my computer, I would be stunned to see the results on something with a bit more muscle.

Ok, ok, back to the game. The characters you meet are quite fun, but the script, like most Star Trek episodes, was a bit cheesy. Although possibly not intentional, I think it adds to the games. Especially when you meet up with one of the female Alex’s in the game. I felt as if she were reading right off of the script, yet this didn’t take away from the game, and in fact made me think back to the old Star Trek days and the acting, or lack thereof, that took place.

Good job with the demo guys and I can’t wait to see more. The tricorder is a great part of the game and can’t wait to see what other uses that will be offered in the full version.