SiN Episodes and the USK - Part 4

In this installment, we’re going to talk about gibs. Previous installments are:

Gibs are a no-no in the fatherland.

Gibs. The very mention of them turns even the most seasoned “Quake” player into nostalgic fools remembering the very first time they shot a corpse and had meat chunks flying everywhere. Those were the days…

There are many takes on why USK dislikes gibs. It could be the gore factor. It could be the sheer humiliation of having your innards splattered over the wall for simply not firing first. It could be seen as an ultimate form of causing suffering for a loved one by denying them an open casket funeral. Or it could just be the pronunciation battle. (“Gibs!” “Jibs!” “Gibs!” “Jibs!”)

Regardless of the reasoning, getting gibs past the USK is like keeping your hideout hidden from Blade…it isn’t going to work and it will just make them angry.

Now, we had limited gibs on human enemies in “SiN Episodes” for the US release. Regular humans could only lose their heads, and even then, only if the killing shot was a headshot. You could not do post-mortem gibbing on corpses because we were already at the ragdoll processor limits. Elites had their models swapped out for a “gibbed” model upon death by the client-side ragdoll processor.

This solution was a little tricky. We moved “gibbing” responsibility to the client instead of the server. The client side is aware of which version the game is. The server side sends the “gib” command to the client, and if the client allows gibbing, it gibs, otherwise it doesn’t.

The nice part about this separation of duties is that it helps when we get multiplayer working. A USK customer can play on a U.S. server and while the experiences on the client side may be slightly different, the server side won’t care. Also, since stats are calculated on the server side, you still get credit for your headshots in the stats pages

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