The Dick/Zelda Story

<the_levelord> lefte: post it, consider it Ritualistic material
<the_levelord> want to get psychological here?
<the_levelord> ...want to hear about 3-somes and psych wards and some real shit?
<the_levelord> ...maybe not big news now, but back in the 70's, this was unheard of
<the_levelord> fucking splits... ...right in the middle of a good Dick story
<the_levelord> okay, but I don't want to repeat this shit
<the_levelord> okay, cool
<the_levelord> ...anyways, Dick had finally landed a fish
<the_levelord> ...and she was indeed pretty, very similar to Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie
<the_levelord> ...and she was indeed "active"
<the_levelord> ...Dick, although a virgin, had done just about everything else in the 70's
<the_levelord> ...tripped at 13 years old, heavily into herb, car theft, etc
<the_levelord> ...he now, though, finally had a place to "stay" and although this "place" would turn to vinegar soon, he was elated
<the_levelord> ...big talk around the base as he now had the "wild" girl... ...we'll call her Zelda
<the_levelord> ...wait, piss break
<the_levelord> okay, back
<the_levelord> are we all paying attention?
<the_levelord> ...this is a true story
<the_levelord> ...okay
<the_levelord> ...Dick and Zelda became very close because, well, Dick was enamered that he actually had a girl now, and Zelda because she finally had someone that really cared
<the_levelord> know how girls are
<the_levelord> ...anyhow
<the_levelord> ...Zelda had a friend, we'll call her SiNdy
<the_levelord> ....Dcik, Zelda, and SiNdy were close friends... ...lot's of partying and ducking the authority called the Navy (they were all squids, BTW)...
<the_levelord> ...this is a real story, fucking Hutch, read it!
<the_levelord> ...Zelda and SiNdy and Dick would party alot together and one night, well, one night, things got REAL clos
<the_levelord> ...errrr, close
<the_levelord> this night started with bong hits and Rebel Yell whiskey
<the_levelord> ...anyone drink Rebel Yell?'s from Virginia
<the_levelord> ...the bongs hits were turned to bong hits with Rebel Yell in the bong, and Rebel Yell being drinken, and then we started smoking the ludes
<the_levelord> ...anyone smoked qualudes?
<the_levelord> are we all here? ...bongs, ludes, Rebel Yell?
<the_levelord> ...being in the 70's, this party ended up on Zeldas bed
<the_levelord> ...purely hippy-ish "on the bed", mind you
<the_levelord> ...seriously, alot of parties were done on beds back then
<the_levelord>, comfy lay out... know
<the_levelord> ...anyways, this hippy-esque bed play started getting very friendly
<the_levelord> ...subtle hand brushes turned to giggles turned to longer hand strokes turned to knowing glances turned to...
<the_levelord> ...soon, there was some heavy petting being done and soon there were clothes being cast to the floor
<the_levelord> Dick soon noticed that SiNdy was paying alot of attention to Zelda, but this was notice was quickly passed to the thrill of "Oh my god! Two girls!"
<the_levelord> ...well, things became serious indeed and Dick soon found himself looking for the numerous holes to be filled
<the_levelord> ...all the clothes were gone by now, BTW
<the_levelord> ...and there was this mass of limbs and skin fighting for the middle of the bed
<the_levelord> ...thing is, it turns out that SiNdy was ONLY interested in Zelda and he soon began to feel like a third wheel
<the_levelord> ...well, not to complain because, again, there are many vacant orifices in these situations and the controlling brain of said "them" is occupied
<the_levelord> ...what's not being said is the state of mind that found Zelda, the obvious hub of this situation, in this ... ...situation
<the_levelord> turns out that Zedla was a very depressed lass, I mean, she wasn't gay, or lesbo or whatever, but pressures had subdued her to this manage a trois
<the_levelord> about 3 hours after the wrestling, Zelda was to be only heard from the bathroom by threats of slicing wrists
<the_levelord> ...are we all here?
<the_levelord> ....the 3-some had been played, and now our young naive Dick found himself trying to coax his girl out from a locked bathroom
<the_levelord> ...SiNdy was passionately urging Zelda, as well for she was as in love with Zelda as Dick
<the_levelord> ...remember, Dick was very "young" in these matters, in the Navy yes, but he was truly vulnerable
<the_levelord> hour or so later, Zelda was indeed coaxed from the bathroom and had turned from suicidal to antagonistic
<the_levelord> ...Dick was now being blamed for Zelda's prior 19 years, although he had only known her for 6 months
<the_levelord> ...talking turned to arguments turned to heated fighting with SiNdy playing the ref
<the_levelord> ...the last argument for the evening, errr, morning as it was now about 6am, ended with Zelda trying to hit Dick in the head with an empty bottle of Rebel Yell
<the_levelord> ....Zelda was a real "case" now
<the_levelord> much of a case that SiNdy actually called the Navy's security system for someone to come get Zelda...
<the_levelord> ...obviously, I can't relate ALL the events that lead up to SiNdy considering this drastic reply
<the_levelord> ...but things were obviously pscho and SiNdy did indeed call the authorities
<the_levelord> ...the Naval authorities
<the_levelord> ....are we hear? ...Dick did a 3-some? ...turned to a mental suicide, turned to a bottle in the head and the Men in White coming for Dick's love?
<the_levelord> ...the story ends with Zelda in the ward and Dick getting a blow job in the visitor's area
<the_levelord> ...and a nures walking in on the whole thing
<the_levelord> ...pearls amognst swine!
<the_levelord> that not a DICK story?

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