10 Years of Ritual Entertainment
10 years and still going strong...

Ten years is an extremely long time to be making games. Companies can be founded and folded in that time, employees found and fired. The gaming industry itself has embraced three generations of consoles since ’96, and dozens of significant technological leaps. Ritual Entertainment, which is now celebrating its 10th birthday, is a company which has been through a lot. And you know what? They still haven’t made a game which doesn’t involve killing things with guns.

To celebrate this significant milestone in Ritual's history, we will be taking a look at the games the studio has released over the years, along with special insights from the people who worked on them. Keep checking back each week for new content!


Trying to Create the Ultimate FPS: A Look Back at SiN
Released in 1998, SiN set out to change the FPS landscape with a slew of innovative features. Helped along by the Levelord and with never-before-seen photographs taken during development, we take a close look at Ritual's first big project - what it set out to do, what it accomplished, and where things didn't go right.
Heavy Metal FAKK2: Your One-Way Ticket to Midnight
Following SiN's release, Ritual set out to redefine third person action gaming with Heavy Metal FAKK2. Based on the magazine of the same name and utilizing the brand-new Quake 3 engine, FAKK2 and Ritual seemed like a perfect match. We reunite with the Levelord to reflect on the Tribe's sophomore effort.
Following in Raven's Footsteps: Star Trek Elite Force II
After Raven Software had delivered a critically and financially successful title with Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force in 2000, the task fell to Ritual to develop the sequel, Star Trek Elite Force II. Joined by level designer Richard Heath, we take a look back at what ended up being Activision's final Star Trek game.
Counter-Strike Xbox: Bringing the World's Most Popular Shooter to Xbox Live
When Valve Software and Microsoft looked to bring Counter-Strike, the PC's wildly popular online shooter, to Xbox Live, Ritual took up the challenge and created one of the most played online titles on the platform. We catch up with CEO Steve Nix and programmer Squirrel Eiserloh and reflect on the company's first Xbox game.


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