Hexagon's guide to multiplayer SiN

Over the past couple of weeks I've seen many messages asking how to play an online game of SiN, both on message boards as well as emails I've been getting. So, to help you people, I've decided to write this little article. It's FAQ-like, and should be able to get everyone to Sin :)

What do I need to play to play SiN online?

You need your copy of the SiN demo and an internet connection (yes, really ;) ).

That's all?

Uh, yeah, pretty much. Although I heavily recommend downloading GameSpy with Sin support too.

Ok, I got that. Now what do I need to do to connect to a server? Hell, where can I even find a server?

You need to go to Ritualistic's Serverlist. This list displays the server's name, the server IP adress, the amount of players playing and the maximum amount of players that can play, the level the server is running, the ping time, and the amount of retries before the serverlist could reach the server.


The only things you should look at, is the server IP adress, the ping time and if there are actually any players on that server.

What's that ping time you are talking about?

The ping is amount of time needed to contact the server from your place.  The lower the ping time, the better gameplay you will get. I find anything under 200 acceptable, although some people will disagree :) Note that the ping time given on the server list is the one measured from PlanetQuake's Headquarters, which is located in California. Your ping time is probably different.

Ok, now what do I do?

You can now 2 do things to play on a server. You can use your Windows run command (in the Start menu). If you do this, type "x:\y\sin +connect IP" (dont use the quotes), where x is the drive you installed Sin on and y the dir you installed Sin in. IP is the IP adress of the server. Just select a server IP from the serverlist. Or, you can connect to the server from within Sin. Make sure you wrote down the IP (or copied it by selecting the IP adress and pressing ctrl+c). In Sin, press ~ (should be next to 1) which will pull down the console. Type "connect IP" (no quotes) where IP is the server IP adress, which you can type in, or if you copied it press ctrl+v.

Ugh. Surely I can do something simpler?

Absolutely! But, you will need to download Gamespy with Sin support. Gamespy gives you the same info as the serverlist, but much better looking. And the best thing, with just a double click on the server name you will connect to it!

Make sure you download GameSpy and the Sin patch (you need both). When you first run it, it will ask some questions for game settings and such. Answer them, it shouldn't be too hard. In Gamespy, click on the Sin icon using your right mouse button, and select "Add Server List". Give it a name (it doesnt matter which). The Server list location is http://asp.planetquake.com/sinserverlist/servers.txt . It will now show the name you gave it under Unbound. Select the name, and press ctrl+m. This will make GameSpy check the serverlist and show the servers running.  Just click on the server you want to play, and off you go!

If, for some reason, the Sin icon doesn't show up, go to the menu GameSpy and select Games and Filters. It'll show a list of games, and Sin should be one of them. Specify the path to Sin. Leave the filter settings alone.

It works! I love you!

Send all money here :)

You are talking BS, it still won't work!

Send me all your hate mail here :)

D00d, you forgot something!

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