Ritual Entertainment Hires 2 Powerhouse Programmers
DALLAS, TX. - October 16, 1997 - Ritual Entertainment, makers of the highly acclaimed "Quake® Mission Pack #1 - Scourge of Armagon", announced today the addition of two highly sought after programmers to their already talented team, Gary McTaggart and Charlie Brown both formerly of 3Dfx Interactive.

While at 3Dfx, Gary McTaggart created the Valley of Ra and Wizard's Tower demos that ship with all Voodoo Graphics based 3D hardware. The Wizard's Tower demo was one of the first applications to use multipass rendering to display radiosity generated worlds with low-res light maps, a method that is now being used in the hardware versions of such titles including Sin, Unreal, Prey, and Quake.

Besides developing technology demos for 3Dfx, Gary also assisted developers working with Voodoo based hardware to port their products over to 3Dfx's Glide library and 3Dfx's OpenGL mini-driver. At CGDC '97, Gary presented a paper entitled "Writing First Person Engines for 3D Hardware" which covered issues on the usage and generation of light maps, and the use of portals with depth-buffered hardware.

Charlie Brown graduated from the University of Florida in 1994 before joining 3Dfx Interactive. Charlie spent a good portion of his time as a liaison between 3Dfx and outside developers who were porting their products to the Voodoo hardware platform. He created numerous code examples to help educate developers on the use of the advanced hardware features of the Voodoo chipset. In addition to his work at 3Dfx, Charlie has given talks at CGDC '97 and Total Immersion '97 and has been selected to speak at Develop '97 about future game engine requirements for hardware.

Both Gary and Charlie had this to say, "We are thrilled to be working with this talented group of people. The combination of Ritual's talented people and the new technology we are creating will help push the gaming experience to the next level."

"Gary and Charlie are some of the most talented programmers in the industry, and top-notch talent is hard to find." says Jim Dosé, Vice President of Ritual and programmer for Sin. "We feel very honored to have the opportunity to work with experienced programmers for whom we have a lot of respect.

Now that they have joined the Ritual family, Gary and Charlie will be hard at work developing next generation technology for Ritual's future products. Although Ritual has not yet announced specifics about their future games, some of the features of their upcoming proprietary technology will include:

- Procedurally generated geometry with continuous levels of detail
- Extremely rich surface materials
- State of the art character technology featuring inverse kinematics and NURBS based rendering
- Complete integration of 3D accelerated hardware

Originally known as Hipnotic Interactive, Ritual Entertainment exploded onto the gaming scene with their critically acclaimed "Quake® Mission Pack #1 - Scourge of Armagon". Mission pack #1 was given very high acclaim, being rated #1 in Computer Gaming World's list of Top 10 Action Games and #1 in the Top 100 Computer Games for September and October of '97.

Ritual is currently hard at work developing Sin, a first person action game to be published by Activision®. Sin utilizes Id Software's Quake® II engine, which has been enhanced by Ritual to offer skeletal animation, advanced AI, and 16-bit textures with colored lighting in both software and hardware. Sin is slated for release in the first quarter of 1998.

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