Ritual Entertainment has grown again
DALLAS, TX. - November 24, 1997 - Ritual Entertainment, makers of the highly acclaimed "QuakeŽ Mission Pack #1 - Scourge of Armagon", announced today that two new level designers, Patrick Hook and Charlie Wiederhold, have joined the tribe.

Both Patrick and Charlie have been aggressive level designers in the on-line community. Both level designers devoted much of their spare time creating single player and multi-player maps that were either distributed on-line or in commercial products.

"I've looked to Ritual as being the best collection of level designers anywhere, so it is a huge honor to be asked to work with these guys." says Charlie.

Charlie attended the University of Texas in Austin for two years before finally taking the plunge full-time into the gaming industry. He comes to us from Sunstorm Interactive, where he worked both as a programmer and level designer. He worked on such titles as "Duke It Out In D.C.", "Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach" for Duke Nukem 3D, "Cryptic Passage" for Blood, and "Wanton Destruction" for Shadow Warrior.

Patrick had this to say, "Some of the most intense maps that I have ever played came from Ritual members and it is an incredible opportunity to create games with these guys."

Before coming to Ritual, Patrick attended school in Alaska. After leaving Alaska, he journeyed over to work at Adaptec as a programmer. He has been creating maps for quite some time now, starting back in the days of Doom and he also ran a very popular Doom web page "#Deathmatch". When Quake hit, he spent a good portion of his time creating and maintaining the Quakeworld.net web site. The quality and style that he designs into his maps has brought him attention from the on-line community.

Joe Selinske, Producer at Ritual, had this to say; "Their attention to detail, innovative ideas, and intricate, well thought out level design is what caught our eye. We know that they will be a tremendous asset to the team and the company."

Patrick and Charlie will be working on future products created by Ritual Entertainment.