Ritual's got OneThumb up on the Competition
DALLAS, TX. – January 9th, 1998 - Ritual Entertainment, makers of the highly acclaimed "Quake® Mission Pack #1 – Scourge of Armagon" and the highly anticipated "Sin", announced today the addition of a highly talented and charismatic personality, Don MacAskill, known on the net as "OneThumb".

Don threw himself into computers at an early age and began soaking up information. His incredible knowledge of networking and communications lead to an engineering position with Best Internet, an Internet service provider focused on all forms of web hosting.

After working with Best Internet for about a year, Don ventured off to Bringham Young University to pursue a degree in this very field. But, after some time there, he was drawn back to California and Best Internet again with the temptation of a new game on the horizon, Quake. Don was instrumental in bringing in some very lucrative clients to be hosted at Best Internet. He worked closely with 3D Realms to help host the ftp site for Duke Nukem 3D. Soon afterwards he began to work with id software on hosting the web server for their newest title Quake.

Don’s love of games drew him farther into the mix when he was hired as an assistant producer on an upcoming 3D shooter for Accolade. "The game is truly something special, but I wanted to work with a smaller team under less corporate scrutiny. It is the smaller teams and more focused mind set that has drawn me over to Ritual", says Don.

Harry Miller, CEO at Ritual Entertainment had this to say, "We are all very excited to be able to bring Don into the fold here at Ritual. He has the type of personality and knowledge that we need to help complete the circle here."

Don will be joining Ritual as a network administrator and will take over the mantel of maintaining the Ritual web page. His enthusiasm will complement the passionate crew already in place and will add that much more polish to Ritual's projects. Don's experience play testing a wide range of other games including Sierra adventures and id software 3D shooters will be invaluable as Ritual prepares to unleash Sin. Every member of the Ritual tribe leaves their mark, and Don will be no exception.

Don had this to say, "This job at Ritual is basically my dream job. I've been hooked on video games since I was 4 on my uncle's Odyssey. But the real kicker was when I was in the 2nd grade and I got hooked on King's Quest 1 for our PCjr. Ever since that time, I've been telling everyone that I wanted to make video games. Finally, that dream is happening."