Ritual Entertainment takes add-on of the year awards

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Harry Miller
CEO, Ritual Entertainment
(214) 871-0400

Dallas, TX. - March 3, 1998 - Ritual Entertainment (formerly Hipnotic Interactive) receives top honors again by being awarded "Add-On of the Year" for their outstanding game Quake® Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon.

Grabbing one of the best opportunities in the industry, Ritual Entertainment took the gaming community by storm when they created the first official add-on pack for id Software's hit game Quake. Quake Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon was so well received that beginning in September '97, Computer Gaming World ranked it number one in its "Top 100 Games" list for two months straight. Now after the final 1997 game reviews have been published, Scourge of Armagon has been given the prestigious "Add-On of the Year" award by both Computer Gaming World (Mar. '98) and PC Games (Feb. '98).

"Simply put, this expansion, alone among the others, was actually much better than the original game [Quake]," wrote Computer Gaming World. "There were many other stellar expansion packs this year, but none succeeded in taking its original game to the next level quite as well as Ritual's Scourge of Armagon."

PC Games had this to say, "All in all, it was a stellar debut product and a required add-on for Quake players at any level."

"We're thrilled about all the attention Mission Pack #1 is receiving," said Harry Miller of Ritual Entertainment. "It was a hard, fast bit of work that we poured our souls into. This just reaffirms our goal here at Ritual, to create the best kick-ass games possible." Asked how they plan to celebrate, Robert Atkins responded, "We'd love to but we're too busy working on our next project right now. Of course, we're very proud of our past work – but you haven’t seen anything yet."

Ritual's next project is the highly anticipated game Sin. With the unreleased game already spawning numerous web sites, early fan response has been so overwhelming that many industry insiders predict this could be the game to beat in 1998. Having been in the top two slots of Computer Gaming World's "Top 100 Games" list and the "Top Action Games" list for more than seven months now with Scourge of Armagon, Ritual Entertainment is gearing up to top itself. Look for Sin to hit retail shelves this spring.

Ritual Entertainment can be found on the web at www.ritual.com.

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