Ritual Entertainment is on the Riza

For Information Contact:
Harry Miller
CEO, Ritual Entertainment
(214) 871-0400

Dallas, TX. - March 3, 1998 - Ritual Entertainment, makers of the highly acclaimed QUAKE Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon and the highly anticipated Sin have accepted Brandon Riza, a very talented artist and 3D modeler, to become their newest member of the tribe.

Brandon will be working on Ritual Entertainment’s newest, top-secret project which utilizes the fascinating new technology called ÜberEngine.

Brandon has done a tremendous amount of freelance work, ranging from the cover for Digimation’s fall/winter catalog to images used for Kinetix’s web site. He also has images printed in some recent books such as, Inside MAX 2, Vol. 2, and many other books published by Coriolis.

Michael Hadwin, Art Director, had this to say, "It was Brandon’s unique and passionate style that attracted our attention. We are very fortunate to find such a talented and inventive individual to join us here at Ritual."

Born and raised in an Air Force family, Brandon can spin some very interesting stories about himself and the experiences that he has been through. He’s most proud of the time that he had to have a sunflower seed surgically removed from his ear, but that’s another story. He traveled extensively at an early age and had resided in such interesting places such as England, Israel, and Korea. He even graduated from high school in Seoul, Korea but in the long run he finally found his way to Dallas.

He attended and graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1991, after which he jumped into the booming multimedia field that was exploding on the Dallas scene. Brandon relates his experiences back then, "It wasn’t until after I graduated in ’91 that I knew my career would involve both art and computers. I worked at a lot of places, but in ’93, I discovered 3D Studio and I knew I’d found my niche. I spent day in and day out with that program, lived it, ate it, slept with it and learned it back to front." Not one to sit around, he began doing freelance work right from his home an continued to pursue more creative and exciting challenges in the computer field.

Joseph Selinske, Project Manager, had this to say, "We’ve seen some tremendous things come out of Brandon’s computer already and are very excited about what other cool and innovative creations he can bring to the project and the team."