Ritual Entertainment brings Germany to Texas

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CEO, Ritual Entertainment
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Dallas, TX. - March 16, 1998 - Ritual Entertainment, makers of the notably acclaimed QUAKE® Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon and the highly anticipated Sin have inducted Matthias Worch into the ranks of the tribe as one of its newest level designers.

Matthias Worch will be adding his considerable talents in level design to one of Ritual Entertainment's newest and most exciting projects, Sin. Afterwards Matthias will be working on Ritual Entertainment's next project that utilizes the fascinating new technology called ÜberEngine.

Matthias has been building levels for 3D action shooters such as Doom® and Quake® for over 4 years, working on successful "mega-WADs" such as "Memento Mori 2" or "Requiem". Last year he released "Beyond Belief" to the web, a commercial quality episode for Quake which raised a lot of attention and gained him several offers from renowned software companies.

Mike Wardwell, level designer at Ritual had this to say, "Beyond Belief showed us that Matthias is one of the most skilled mappers to date, and that he is also an innovator of game design. His talent is sure to make a mark on future Ritual products."

Matthias comes all the way to Ritual from Essen, Germany. Having lived there for 22 years, he is "very glad to be given the chance to work for Ritual and experience a different country."

After graduating from high school he attended university for 2½ years, but gave up his studies in favor of his job at Ritual. Matthias recounts how he felt, "I was hardly doing anything else other than creating levels in my spare time, but it didn't occur to me that I might actually earn money with it until last year. When I was given the opportunity to do so it was a dream come true."

Joseph Selinske, Project Manager at Ritual said, "We've been watching Matthias and his incredible work for quite some time. He has demonstrated how devoted to gaming he truly is over the past years by producing quality add-ons on the net. We've worked long and hard to make it possible for him to join the team here at Ritual. It was all worth it to have such a talented level designer such as Matthias with us. His addition to our tribe has made us that much stronger."

Look for Sin to be released in the second quarter of 1998.

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