Ritual Entertainment finds two more craftsmen

Dallas, TX. - June 4, 1998 - Ritual Entertainment, makers of the highly acclaimed QUAKE Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon and the highly anticipated Sin have indoctrinated two new craftsmen into the tribe. Computer graphic artists Murphy Michaels and Mike "Chaos" Werckle. Both artists will add their considerable talents to some of Ritual’s hottest new projects, including Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2.

Murphy Michaels has been expressing his own unique artistic style for quite some time now providing contract work for Saffire Corporation (previously Cygnus Multimedia) on such notable products as Rise of the Triad, Pitfall, Duke Nukem, and Shadow Warrior. Hungry for more of a hands on experience in the gaming industry he jumped deep into two notable products, Enemy Nations and Legends ’98. New opportunities continued to flourish for Murphy and it lead to a position over at Ion Storm where he worked as one of the key animators on their upcoming release, Daikatana.

"Rather than lateral moves within companies, my employment history has been a steady climb. Each company I’ve worked with has afforded me more creative freedom and the chance for self-improvement and Ritual continues that exciting progression for me.", said Murphy.

Robert Atkins, SINful artist of Ritual said, "Murphy has some very radical ideas and concepts that will lend themselves perfectly to what we’re going to accomplish with our future projects. His unique flare and style are what attracted us to his work and his energy is infectious, we look forward to working with him."

And on the other half of the blue plate special here, we’ve got Mike "Chaos" Werckle who joins us from Raven Software. Mr. Chaos has spent considerable time inside a computer and is quite familiar with what makes a virtual character work. Once he obtained his BFA from CalArts – Character Animation School in Valencia, California, he ventured forth and has worked on many titles for some high profile companies such as Dynamix, Viacom New Media, and Raven Software. He directed and helped animate a spectacular seven minute cinematic sequence used in the D&D: Core Rules CD-ROM and contributed to the delinquency of America’s youth in Beavis & Butthead’s Virtual Stupidity. His talent really shines in his work with Raven Software, working on such projects as Hexen II and it’s Mission Pack: Portal of Praevus, where he animated some of the fiercest creatures and bosses.

"One of THE most attractive options of joining Ritual Entertainment was the freedom given to work on and create such a wide range of unique and truly bizarre creatures for their future products. I want to take it to the limit and it’s that over-the-top style that really makes this such a cool place to work.", so says Mr. Chaos.

Michael Hadwin, Art Director at Ritual, said, "We’re very impressed with the body of work that Mike has created. He has such incredible talent that will help round out our circle of artists and we are looking forward to seeing his own unique style expressed in our projects."

Ritual Entertainment can be found on the web at http://www.ritual.com.

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