Activision launched Ritual Entertainment's Sinday Bloody Sinday with three wicked promotions

Highly Anticipated Sin Demo Supported by Online Contest Featuring Fully Loaded Micron Computer System and First Ever Sin LAN Tournament

Santa Monica, CA — July 8, 1998 — Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) will launch Ritual Entertainment’s highly anticipated Sin demo on Sunday, July 26, with three sinfully exciting promotions. The demo, which is comprised of two single player and two multiplayer levels, will debut simultaneously at noon PDT on Activision’s Web site (, Ritual Entertainment’s Web site ( and on C/Net’s Gamcenter as the "Download of the Day." The Sin demo also will appear on Gamecenter’s front door through the weekend.

Players who download the Sin demo from the Activision Web site between July 26 and August 30 can enter a random drawing to win a top-of-the-line Micron computer system that features a 3Dfx Voodoo card, as well as dozens of second and third prizes, including five 3Dfx Voodoo cards and 25 Sinday T-shirts. The drawing will be held on September 1, and the winners’ names will be posted on Activision’s site.

Additionally, Ritual Entertainment and Activision will deliver salvation to sinners from all over the world at the Cyberathlete Professional League ( Sin LAN competition. The first-ever Sin tourney will take place at the Infomart in Dallas, Texas, on July 26 beginning at 1 p.m. following the four-day CPL event, which will run from July 23 - 26. During the Sinfest face-off, CPL will give away Sinday and Activision prizes in several random drawings throughout the day.

Sin is the fully-integrated first-person 3D experience that features a character-driven story and revolutionary multiplayer gameplay powered by an enhanced version of id software’s Quake II engine. The game features six distinct game world regions enriched with convincing graphic detail. As players battle a barbaric army of mutated killers, they are assisted by a wise-cracking side kick who communicates tactical information, gives warnings, hacks security systems, provides mission briefings. The game's revolutionary, action-based plot progression and fully interactive environments make Sin the ultimate first person shooter experience. Developed by Ritual Entertainment and published by Activision, the action-shooter is slated for release on Windows 95 and Windows NT this summer.

Ritual Entertainment develops hyper-immersive computer games. Based in Dallas, TX, Ritual’s talented team is composed of some of the industry's brightest and most creative individuals. Ritual’s first game, which was developed under the name Hipnotic Interactive in conjunction with id Software, was the award-winning QUAKE Mission Pack #1: Scourge of Armagon. Ritual Entertainment can be found on the Web at

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