The butcher's loose on Ritual Island

Dallas, TX - August 19th, 1998 – The tribe over at Ritual Entertainment has just announced that they have brought a new butcher over to Ritual Island. John "Butcher" Mueller is going to contribute his own unique cave paintings to the walls inside Ritual.

John Mueller, the creator of the fantastic, gritty comic "OINK" and a prominent author in the comic industry has joined Ritual Entertainment and is adding his considerable talents to the collective efforts being poured forth on Ritual’s next project, Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2. as well as Sin 2.

John began his formal training at Otis/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, California and after graduating he ventured forth into the comic industry. He began mainly illustrating covers for such notable titles as "Swamp Thing", "Judge Dredd" as well as "The Crow". His own award winning series "Oink" published by Kitchen Sink Comics has been collected into a 112 page anthology and reprinted in six different languages. His aspirations don’t stop at the easel though and John is no stranger to the gaming industry, he also worked on several games assisting in concept art and textures.

John reflected back on how he came to Ritual, "It was a long, tough, but enjoyable road. I had accomplished all of the goals that I had set before myself. Now, after finishing this last Oink project I knew it was time for something new. I was fascinated by the revolution I have seen going on in the 3D gaming world and felt as though I was missing out on a burgeoning medium with limitless potential." John also went on to say. "I was hooked as soon as I met the natives on Ritual Island. I paddled my little canoe back there as fast as I could."

"We’ve admired his work for quite some time now and are so thrilled to have John join us here. His raw artistic style and radical form meshes so perfectly with the overall design that we’re trying to convey on these new projects." said Michael Hadwin, Art Director at Ritual Entertainment.

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For Information Contact:
Harry Miller
CEO, Ritual Entertainment
(214) 871-0400