Opposing the Levelord

"Levelord to make some spry levels for Opposing Force"

Genevieve Ostergard
Sierra Studios


BELLEVUE, WA (June 14, 1999) -- Sierra Studios tm and Gearbox Software announced today that famed level designer Richard Gray, also known as "Levelordtm", has agreed to create a multiplayer map for Half-Life: Opposing Force.  Half-Life: Opposing Force is the first official game expansion for Half-Life, the thrilling PC CD-ROM created by Valve Software and named "Game of the Year" by over 40 publications around the world.

Levelord, best known for his work on Ritual's SiN, 3dRealms' Duke Nukem 3D, and id Software's Quake: Scourge of Armagon, is the first announced member of an elite group of "all-star" designers who have joined Gearbox Software on a contract basis to create new multiplayer content for Half-Life: Opposing Force.

"Gearbox is very excited to have Levelord contributing to this project," noted Randy Pitchford, co-founder and lead game designer at Gearbox. "His always clever and unique designs are sure to bring a whole new level to the Half-Life multiplayer experience with Opposing Force."

"We've been great friends since the days of Duke Nukem," said Levelord, "We have a mutual respect for each other's work, and I'm very honored to work with Gearbox as well as with Valve."

In addition to his groundbreaking single player creations for some of the most acclaimed 3d action titles of our time, Levelord has designed many of the most popular and creative multiplayer maps of the genre.  These include Duke3d's Tierdrops (where players exist in the same space but in different dimensions), Hipdm1 for Quake: Scourge of Armagon (the level that started a new genre of 'suspended in space' multiplayer platforms) and Spry for SiN (where players are the size of mice in a huge living room).

Half-Life: Opposing Force (a.k.a. OpFor) will feature a dozen new multiplayer levels created by 3d action industry All-Stars like Levelord. OpFor also features an expansive new single player episode were players return to the Black Mesa Research Facility from the exciting new perspective of a soldier to eliminate a new breed of fierce aliens.  The title, which is being developed by Gearbox Software, is scheduled to be released this October.

Founded in January 1999, Gearbox Software is a team of veteran 3D game developers collected in Dallas, Texas. The Gearbox crew is made up of artists, designers, and programmers who joined forces to form their own development house after stints at a variety of companies, including 3D Realms, Microprose and Ritual. Half-Life: Opposing Force is scheduled to be the first offering from this talented new studio.

Founded in 1996, Valve develops entertainment software. Based in Kirkland, Wash., the company consists of more than 30 leading artists, game designers and programmers.  More information about Valve is available at www.valvesoftware.com.   More information about Half-Life is available at www.gameoftheyear.com.

Sierra On-Line, Inc. is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software. Sierra is comprised of a family of brands: Sierra Attractionstm, SierraHometm, Sierra Sportstm, Sierra Studiostm, and Dynamixtm, a Sierra Company.  Sierra is a division of Havas Interactive, whose holdings also include Knowledge Adventuretm, Blizzard Entertainment® and WON.nettm.