Ritual Entertainment Press Releases

Recent Press Releases

06/28/06 Mutants, Machine Guns And a New Arena Mode Descend on Germany With SiN Episodes: Emergence
05/26/06 Ritual Entertainment Launches SiN Episodes: Emergence In Europe
05/10/06 Ritual Entertainment Launches the Era of Episodic Gaming; SiN Episodes: Emergence Available Now
04/05/06 "SiN Episodes" In Stores May 9th
07/07/05 Ritual Entertainment Unveils "SiN Episodes"
05/18/05 Ritual Entertainment Signs Source Code License Agreement with AGEIA
11/14/03 Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre Features Announced
11/05/03 Lock and Load! Counter-Strike for Xbox Goes Gold
09/12/03 Ritual Entertainment to Develop Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre
07/07/03 Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre Moves to 2004
06/03/03 Delta Force - Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre Announced
02/20/03 Aspyr Announces Star Trek Elite Force II For The Mac
02/11/03 The "Ritual" Behind The Guildhall
04/04/02 Star Trek Elite Force II Announced

Older Press Releases

01/09/01 MumboJumbo Announced
07/19/00 SiN: The Movie Announced
06/14/99 Levelord Does Opposing Force Map
08/19/98 The butcher's loose on Ritual Island
08/10/98 2015, Inc to develop Sin mission pack
07/08/98 Sinday Promotion Release
06/23/98 Sin Demo date announced!
06/04/98 Ritual hires 2 new artists
05/26/98 Ritual announces new game
03/17/98 Ritual hires level designer Matthias Worch
03/15/98 Ritual hires artist Brandon Riza
03/03/98 Ritual takes add-on of the year awards
01/09/98 Don MacAskill joins Ritual
12/01/97 Ex-3DFX programmer Scott Alden joins Ritual
11/24/97 Ritual hires Charlie Wiederhold and Patrick Hook
10/16/97 Ritual hires Gary McTaggart and Charlie Brown
07/29/97 Scourge of Armagon #1 action game CGW reader poll
07/17/97 Ritual hires Joe Selinske and Michael Washburn
06/09/97 Hipnotic Interactive changes name to Ritual Entertainment
05/07/97 SiN revealed
04/23/97 Beau Anderson joins Ritual
03/17/97 Joel Thomas joins Ritual
03/02/97 Scourge of Armagon released
02/08/97 Michael "giggler" Wardwell and Steve "sCary" Gibson join Ritual