Sin Preview

There's no arguing it. Sin looks astounding. Sin offers the gaming community something stunning to look forward too. Some games brag about dynamic lighting, but Sin has dynamic colored lighting. They use it quite effectively, so effectively in fact, a lot of the weapon effects use some kind of colored lighting. But do not spend too much time gazing at the beautiful lighting fixtures above you, it can only give a Dark Captain extended time to put you out of your misery.

Please note that this is only written on observations of screen shots, and demos from various gaming conventions.

There are a quite a few gamers out there that simply do not want to advance past Doom or Quake. These cynics out there who sneer at any first person shooter, claiming that it's still the same old game. I hate to break it to you, but that is simply not true. There have been some notable changes to Sin’s gameplay, particularly the single player aspect. You don't just run around dumbfounded and shooting everything that moves, then simply find keys and run out the door. No, instead you have to complete missions to advance in this game.

Your very first task is to find a communications computer. After that, you've got to blow up a subway. And so it continues. They are not even levels in the traditional sense--each level is more like a series of missions building up to a final goal. And like many upcoming first person shooters, the "levels" are connected, and occasionally you are called upon to revisit certain areas to complete a task. Single player in Quake just never melted my butter. To be quite blunt, I find it boring. Single player Sin, if I may compare these two games, will be extremely much more exhilarating in all facets.

There are also some really cool weapons and monsters to use them on. Most of the monsters that I have seen, seem to be either some type of mutant or human, but are all very distinct. There is a huge difference between a Dark Captain and Eon and Peon, for example. They have different attack patterns, different death sequences, they may hunt in packs or by themselves, and of course, distinctive sounds.

The interactivity of the levels will bring tears to the player’s eyes. If you see something that you are just enticed to blow up, take a shot at it. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the explosion and the realistic effects that will arise from this ripple in time. With such things as breakable glass, exploding bridges, and interactively moving "big guns", this game promises to be one of the most thrilling of all first person shooters. I have to admit that this is probably the most impressive feature of Sin in my eyes. It will provide deathmatchers a whole new outlook. You remember that bridge you just crossed, oops…looks like your enemy just destroyed it…what now.

So what's the bottom line, what is up with me rambling on about a game that is not even on the shelves yet? Overall, this is appears to be one of the most righteous, interactive games, with something to please action fans of all genres to hit the market in ages.