Walk forward. Stop. Fire

RiEvEr, the man, the myth. Ok not really :) But you can say that programmer Connor "RiEvEr" Caple from Cheshire, England has quickly gone from nobody to one of the most well known people in our SiN community. Which isn't hard, because our community isn't really big :)

RiEvEr started with programming in 1979 in machine code, then moving along to assembler in 1981. Then in 1984 he picked up C and has never looked back. Right now, he puts about 10 to 12 hours a day in programming ReDeMpTiOn. Personal circumstances forced him to give up his job.

You might think, why did he did us all this major favor and started a SiN bot instead of a Half-Life bot? "Maybe if they'd actually released the SDK I would have done a HL bot by now but. let's face it, you could fill Richard Branson's balloon with the hot air that Valve have disguised as release dates <grin>.
I like SiN! I think it really rocks and , in my opinion, it has the edge over HL in deathmatch play - it's just more fun! I suppose that if activision had released the finished 1.01 game instead of the problematic version in the box, then things could be different and we would probably have stacks of SiN vs HL arguments going on, just like the good old Duke vs Quake days!"

Programming the ReDeMpTiOn bot has been a real learning experience so far, because of the major changes Ritual made to the Q2 engine. This made direct porting pretty much impossible, and so RiEvEr started from scratch. He thinks ReDeMpTiOn is his best bot so far (he's also done a Q1 & Q2 bot). "Plus, it gave me an excuse to buy VC6++ <grin> ." Since he started from scratch he's learned a lot from the SiN code. "The SiN code is really crisp to work with and makes the AI programming easier since many of the drudge functions already exist, things like "what can I see?" and "can I pick that up?" are already covered in the actor code and needed very little modification. This means I get to concentrate on navigation and combat which is the juicy bit! "

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