Wages of SiN Review

After stumbling home from an average day of sitting through boring lectures and tedious note taking marathons, I noticed a strange package sitting on my stoop. After tearing through the cardboard, I noticed a gold CD, with Wages of Sin etched lightly on the outer shell.

The excitement bubbled up to the service, as the monitor glowed with the newly rendered images of Blade and Elexis. Of course, I had to keep repeating, "This is only a build. This is only a build." I did not want to let my hopes be dashed by glitches and bugs, but after the flawless installation process, and gameplay, I was completely immersed.

I am not going to ruin the story line or the game by telling you intricate little details about my experience with this game. Those Activision men standing outside of my window would probably shoot me.

Before playing the mission pack, I went back to play Sin v.1.02; yes WOS does patch the game, bringing smoother gameplay to your PC. After completing the original Sin, I smiled with a feeling of accomplishment. You have to admit; a smile creeps up onto your face once you blow away some people with the shotgun. After the final cut scene, I decided it was time for me to try my luck with the mission pack, done by 2015 (in case you haven't read the rave previews yet).

After speaking with Activision and members of 2015 to get the proper set up, I started a new game. The cutscenes and cinematics were excellent. A story line immersed you into the entire "real-life" environment, making you feel like you were walking around in your own city. The first thing I noticed when entering the game is the use of ropes. Blade is now able to climb, as well as swing to areas that were once only accessible by the boring repetition of ladders and various stairways. Makes you want to tear off your shirt, and do the famous Tarzan yell, but wait, it only gets better.

With new mutant baddies to face, how could Blade do this without the help of his ever-faithful buddy JC? Enemy animation is great, especially when enemies get shot. Another "Wow!" came from my mouth when I blew the stomach out of an enemy and a spider like creature emerged from his belly. The effect each shot has on an enemy is apparent right on their bodies.

New faces pop up along the way (including new bosses whom you will all love), as well as new weapons. My personal favorite, either the Plasma Bow, or the flame-thrower, I just cant get enough pleasure out of torching my enemies. I have yet to try these out multiplayer, so I can't comment on how balanced these are, but I am sure they will make for some interesting frags. The graphics are superb, but what about the levels?

WOS offers an amazing variety when it comes to their level design. An extremely interactive environment, takes you away from your computer desk, and puts you right up where the action is. This mission pack breaks you from the seemingly normal inside environment, and places you in a world that includes outdoor terrain and beautiful backdrops. You won't find any detail too small to include in their maps. I have to commend the boys for their hard work, and extremely interactive designs. It looks like they took some real life environments, and transferred them flawlessly onto the electronic canvas.

But wait, there is more. Hoverbike Deathmatch...oooh bbbbaaaabby. The way all gamers should have it. If you have not done Hoverbike Deathmatch before, then you have never done dm the way it was meant to be done. Strap on your helmet, hop on your bike and race off to frag your opponent. Man, brings me back to the old Tron days...:sigh:.

I don't want to give away too much of the game. This is definitely something worth unraveling yourself. So be sure to grab 2015's Wages of Sin when it comes to your local software dealer. New monsters, characters, weapons, music (matches the environment perfectly). The whole works wrapped up in a nice mission pack for your playing enjoyment.