Star Trek Elite Force II Multiplayer Interview Part 2

Since the first Elite Force II multiplayer interview generated quite a buzz around here, the guys working on the game suggested doing a follow-up interview using questions submitted by forum users. It took a while to get everything sorted out, but here's the second batch of questions and answers:


dm_QuarterDeck is a sequel to Sin's Behind Zee Bookcase, which originally started the miniaturization map craze.
What gameplay modifiers will be available in multiplayer?

The modifiers for the different modes are: Disintegration, Action Hero, Auto-Handicap, Weapon Score, Control Points, Power Struggle, One Flag, Elimination, and finally Specialties. Not all Modifiers can be used with each mode or with each other. The new modifiers and modes work as follows:

  • Auto-Handicap: In this mode, the game automatically handicaps players who are outscoring others by a large degree. That player’s hits will do less damage.

  • Weapon Score: in this game mode, you’ll get more points for using the weapons that are harder to kill with. For example, if you use the Quantum Burst weapon, you’ll only get two points for the kill. If you use a phaser, you get more points per kill.

  • Control Points: There are several controls points throughout the map. Your team must try to capture and control as many points as possible.

  • Power Struggle: Each team is tasked with destroying the other teams singularity while protecting their own. Players can repair their team’s singularity using the Tricorder.

  • One Flag: In this version of Capture the Flag, there is only one flag in the center of the map. You must take this flag and bring it to the enemy’s base in order to score a point.

  • Bomb Defusion: In this mode, both teams try to plant a bomb in the other team’s base. Note, to set or defuse the bomb, you will need to use your Tricorder on the bomb site. The following modifiers are selectable for this game type: Disintegration and Specialties.

What classes (and respective abilities) will be featured in Specialties?

The classes and abilities are listed below:

  • Health: 100 / Armor: 0
  • Weapons: Compression Rifle, I-Mod, Phaser
  • Items: - Personal Transporter
  • Abilities: - Increased Speed
    Heavy Weapons
  • Health: 100 / Armor: 100
  • Weapons: Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Tetryon Gatling Gun, Batleth, Phaser
  • Items: N/A
  • Abilities: Can collect up to 200 Health
  • Health: 100/Armor: 50
  • Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle, Batleth, Phaser
  • Items: Ultritium Explosive
  • Abilities: N/A
  • Health: 100 / Armor: 50
  • Weapons: Arc Launcher, Romulan Disruptor, Phaser
  • Items: N/A
  • Abilities: Random power-up items that can be given out to teammates.
  • Health: 100 / Armor: 25
  • Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Compression Rifle, Phaser
  • Items: N/A
  • Abilities: N/A
  • Health: 100 / Armor: 75
  • Weapons: Enhanced Compression Rifle, Phaser, Batleth
  • Items: N/A
  • Abilities: Can heal teammates with the tricorder.

Please note that this is subject to change as the game undergoes further play testing and balancing.

What power-ups will be available in EF2 multiplayer?

dm_QuarterDeck takes place inside a model of the USS Enterprise located on Captain Picard's desk.
The following items are available in multiplayer:

    Health Pickups
  • Booster Hypospray
  • Emergency Hypospray
    Holdable Pickups
  • Portable Medkit
  • Personal Transporter Device
  • Ultritium Explosive Charge
    Armor Pickups
  • Incremental Shield Boost
  • Personal Deflector Screen
  • Isokinetic Deflector Screen
    Power-Up Pickups
  • Nano-Regenerative Protoplasmer
  • Metaphasic Shielding
  • Quantum Weapon Enhancer
  • Temporal Accelerator
  • Personal Cloaking Device
  • Death Quad Rune
  • Ammo Regen Rune

Can you give us an estimate on how many player models and skins EF2 will ship with?

The game will ship with approximately 25 character models for multiplayer gaming. There is a good mixture of different character races including Human, Borg, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, Nausicaan, Attrexian, Idryll, and several others.

Will EF2 track player statistics similar to the OSP mod that's available for Q3/RTCW?

No. EF2 doesn’t track player statistics like the OSP mod for Q3/RTCW.

dm_QuarterDeck shrinks players to 1/4 of their normal size.
Will there be a callvote menu similar to RTCW's?

Yes. EF2 supports callvote for changing the map, kicking unwanted players off the server, and changing the time limit. We also have preventive measures in place to block Vote spamming.

Will EF2 feature preset audio messages like RTCW and UT2K3 for improved team communication?

No. We don’t use preset audio messages for team communication in EF2. We do have taunt keys with pre-defined voice taunts per character, but that the only audio messaging.

Spectator programs like Half-Life TV and WolfTV are quite popular. Are you planning on having anything like this in Elite Force II?

No. We have no plans to support this functionality at this time for EF2.

Will there be a front-end interface for server admins?

There is no unique front-end interface. You can run a dedicated server either within the game or via command-line control. This is very similar to Q3A or EF1.

Lastly, will Ritual and/or Activision release new content to the EF2 community after the game ships?

Yes. We plan to release the tools for creating levels after the release of the product. These tools will be nearly identical to what was used to develop the game. The UBER Tools use a custom variant of Radiant. There will also be an extensive GDK included with the tools release.

That's all for now, folks. We would like to thank the guys at Ritual and Activision's Doug "PingEnvy" Pearson for taking the time to answer these questions.

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