Interview with Bill Heineman

Hi could you tell our readers who you are and what you do at Contraband?

I am Bill Heineman, technical director at Contraband Entertainment. I write lots of code.

Does the company have any previous porting experience?

Many people here have had extensive experience working on several game conversions. Collectively, we have worked on the Playstation, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Sega Dreamcast, Win95 and MacOS. Even as far back as the Atari 2600!

Being that Sin has a relatively bad repution on the PC because of the bugs when it shipped, why did you decide to even bother undertaking porting it to Macintosh?

Ritual got all the bugs out. It took several cans of RAID and the Orkin man, but the codebase is really stable now. Besides, SiN is a very underrated game.

Do you plan on changing the content of either game when porting?

No, except getting rid of any bugs that somehow got past the Orkin man.

Will the SiN mission pack Wages of SiN be ported too?

Yep. They are already working on the Mac version.

The Quake3 engine is supposedly port friendly, and Quake3 has Linux,PC and Mac versions. Do you anticipate the FAKK2 port will be easier than the SiN port?

Yes and no. We've already got our feet wet with Q3 tech for MacOS some time ago, so we already knew what to look for. Also we are not just porting it to the Mac. :)

I assume you mean you'll be doing either a Linux or Dreamcast port?

Can't say which platform. But it's not linux.

What kind of Mac system will people need to run the port?

SiN will need any G3 mac (iMac and up). OpenGL hardware is recommended but not required. FAKK 2 requires a hardware accelerator.

Was your team a fan of Sin? Or did you just pull Ritual outta a hat and decide to port their games?

Actually, I liked SiN when it came out. Then forgot about it like the rest of the world when Half-Life came out (Yes I'm guilty). When the opportunity came to look at this title came up, we took it on.

Do you have any estimate when the ports will be done?

SiN will be done real soon (Or I'm a dead man).
FAKK2 will be done shortly after the PC version is done.

You are also porting the game Fighter Squadron. If I'm not mistaken this game is from the company Ritual CEO Ron Dimant previously worked at. Coincidence?

:) Hmm, interesting coincidence... You know how Ron is, he is everywhere.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks to Bill for being extremely quick in getting this interview back to us. We'll be sure to do a followup interview once either game is done. Meanwhile, keep checking Ritualistic for all your Ritual needs!