Interview with Peter Annuss

First of all, who are you and what do you do at Hyperion Software?

I am a software engineer working for Hyperion since the summer of 1999. We just finalised the Amiga conversion of Heretic 2. I also maintain the EGCS/GCC compiler for the PPC Amiga platform.

What made you chose to do an Amiga port, is there any kind of possible profit to be made in that market?

We really hope so. All members of the company have their roots in the Amiga community and are very committed to this platform. The Amiga was the premier gaming platform in the mid to late eighties, back in the days when PC's didn't "need" fancy graphics or sound. Many current companies have their roots on the Amiga: EA, Psygnosis, Team 17, Ravensoft, 3D0 ... to mention but a few. After the recent melt-down of Gateway's plan to relaunch the platform, things looked bad for a while. However, the recent buy-out of Amiga and it's subsequent partnering with TAO ( has filled us with new hope.

And what about the Linux market, only being on 4% of the desktop computers?

The Linux user base is growing every day. As the distributions get easier to use, Linux is not an exclusive playground for hardcore freaks anymore. On the way to become a mainstream OS, it will also need games to fullfill this goal. We expect Linux to gain more market share in the future and consider it a profitable market.

Limited markets aside, how do you think to convince people to buy the game after the troublesome release of the PC version?

We will base our port on the latest sources. So we are confident to circumvent the problems, which occured with the first Windows versions.

Hyperion also does Mac ports, why did you chose not to port SiN to this machine?

The Macintosh rights were not available anymore. Besides that we also want to widen our commitment to Linux (see above).

Will you use existing Q2 Linux ports as a base for your SiN conversion, and do you forsee problems converting any of the SiN specific features such as the scripting language to Linux?

I don't expect problems with the scripting system. The game logic is system independent. The "only" thing we have to do is to port it from VC++ to GCC, but I am confident this won't cause too much trouble. As we already have some experience porting the QuakeII engine, the other components shouldn't be a problem either.

Will there be any differences between the PC version and these ports, content wise?

No, we are not allowed nor willing to change anything gameplay related. There may be operating system induced changes to the user interface, though.

What kind of Amiga will be nescessary to run SiN?

The minimal system requirements are stated on our homepage. Basically every PowerPC equipped Amiga with 64MB will do.

On what platform are you creating these ports, NT? :)

We favour BeOS. No, just joking. The ports will be created on the target platforms.

Kind Regards

Peter Annuss

Well, that's all folks! Many thanks to Peter for taking the time to answer our questions..

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