Interview With The Levelord

Whats it take to become a master level maker like you? And to work in the gaming industry. must seek The Way, o' inquisitive youth! The Way! You must travel down many a road, both real and etheric, to gain the mastery of level designing. Okay, okay, ...seriously, all you need to do is think like a kid and be able to get so wrapped up in this mode that you spend every waking hour doing it. It's the exact same state of mind as playing with Army Men and G.I. Joes and Major Matt Masons... ...setting up never-to-be-actually-fought battle scenes for hours on end with the full-scale incursions and seiges building in your mind as the entire day flies by. Actually, that's probably the main barrier to just about any kid on the block becoming a Levelord... ...the fact that entire days are spent doing the "job". That, and maybe the ever-increasing cost of cutting equipment for things like VISing and such.

What is SinEd like? is an enhanced QE4. Our Wizards of Lb programmers have added some very nifty tools and gizmos that have saved me literally weeks of grunt time.

How are some of the Sin Levels like?, now, now, ...we can't have any of that! Seriously, I think the public has a good idea of the type of levels and story settings of SiN. Any others are being left for suprises ;)

Can you tell us about some special Sin features that allow you to do neat stuff with levels?

...definitely Dr. Dose's scripting. I can make a level do ANYTHING now! The days of simple linear and rotational movement are gone!

Will SinEd be released with the Sin CD? And will it run on Win95?

...I don't believe so. Again, it's a licensed tool and we have no control over its dissemination. (Levelord told me after this that yes, indeed it WILL be released)

What distinguishes Sin levels from all the others out there? Such as Quake2, etc..

...SiN is set in a very "real" world and there is little unrecognizable sci-fi or fantasy stuff in it. I akin it to the first and third episodes of Duke Nuke as opposed to the second. We will also be making our levels multi-faceted with our ABOs. Some of our levels are actually two or three levels in one.

Will Sin come with DM levels? Or will you guys have to release a 'Point Release' such as what id Software did for Quake2?

...almost a dozen death match levels are already cut and we're starting to play test them.

How is a normal day of work at Ritual?

...hmmm, ...well, ...I wouldn't call it "normal" by any means. Right now we're thrashing about the tempests of deadlines and alphas and betas and press visits and... ...oh, sorry, ...anyways, there's almost always someone in here and all of us are here at least 12 hours a day. Some, like my brethren Paradox and Rolling Weider are taking to sleeping here. Killcreek keeps calling here looking for Tom, but we only tell her "Nope, sorry, haven't seen him.". As we near the end of any game, things get really good, and things get really bad. It's awefully cool to see stuff come together and there are numerous twangs of joy as the game actually starts to look like a game. Like I said, we starting to deathmatch now and it is really fulfilling to run around and shoot Blades ;)

Well, that's all folks! Many thanks to the Lord for taking the time to answer my questions.. Thanks o' Great One!!