Giggle Me This, Giggle Me That

Image courtesy of Ritual Entertainment

Mike Wardwell, former Ritual Entertainment Level Designer...

Will your initial design of the Bank and Intro levels be included in the Final Version in their entire form, like they were described in your recent .plan update?


Why the sudden departure from Ritual?

Ritual knew I was planning on leaving to start a new company with Gary and Charlie.. the rest are details.

Has this been a constant strain on work at Ritual, where your work is quickly hacked through to fit needs and demands?

It wasn't a big deal really. My plan file came off much more serious than I intended. I just wanted people to know that the demo work was mine, and thought that showing a couple of screenshots before things were trimmed for speeds would be of interest to others.

How many levels did you create for SiN?

10+ single player levels and a bunch of deathmatch maps.

Any future plans or additional comments?

Gary McTaggart, Charlie Brown, and I are starting a new gaming company.

Well, that's all folks! I'd like to thank CiDcO for getting us this mini-interview and to thank Mike for answering his questions.