Interview with Andrew "Pook" Collins, Ritual Artist

Image courtesy of Ritual Entertainment (mystery man huh ;) )

What be your name and what is your position at Ritual, sir?

My name is Andrew Collins and I am an artist working on FAKK2. Duties mostly include making textures for levels, modeling and skinning amodels, and building skies. Hopefully though ill get to do some animation somewhere in the game.

How did you land on the Ritual Island?

I was offered a position, and I accepted. :)

How long does it take you, on average, to complete a texture?

What texture do you want? It varies all the time depending on complexity and whether I'm on a roll. Usually base textures can take a long time to get "just right", because if I'm going to build a set off of it, it had better damned be what I want. Then again I have been using a lot of 3d modeling in the textures as well and at first this was time consuming, but I'm getting up to speed. Because of the amount of work that needs to be done I try to cheat when I can. If I drew a pipe last week, and I need a new pipe, Ill just copy it over. Photos are useful as well. I never use a photograph for anything structural, usually just a flat area and even then it's primarily just a template to get what I want. Basically I've created a texture in less than 5 minutes, but have also spent over 5 hours on one 256x256 image. If I had the luxury of making all 5-hour textures I'd do it, but we wouldn't have much to look at in the game :).

What programs and tools do you use when creating your textures?

I use Photoshop, Painter, Lightwave, and Illustrator. This includes Kai's Power Tools and Alien Skin which when used selectively can be very powerful allies.

So what is the process involved in creating a texture for Ritual, from paper to print?

Usually I have an idea in my head and either sketch it out briefly or just start creating it in Photoshop. We have some conceptual work from which I draw ideas from as well. I've contemplated drawing and scanning for certain purposes but haven't explored that venue just yet.

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