Interview with Andrew "Pook" Collins, part #3

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What is your typical day like?

Get to work at 11 (I'm usually the last person here on my team, I HATE mornings.) Usually I'll have something on my mind the previous night… whether it's a technique that's been on my mind, a type of texture I want to create, or something that I want to model. I usually will start work on that. I'll see if I can use it with what is needed in the game. Then I'll think about a certain area of the game that needs worked on, and start building the feel of the sets, or adding to existing sets. Usually though, I always end up creating something that belongs somewhere else… I guess I get caught up in the work and let it take me sometimes!

Where did you work before you joined Ritual?

I started at a company called Mobeus Designs, went over to Ionstorm, and now I'm here.

How does it compare to working at Ritual?

Well, at Mobeus I got very low wages… it was sort of "our" start up company, so we all suffered salary in hopes to create our project. After being hounded by creditors and realizing I wasn't eating unless Discover let me, I decided it was time to move on. Then again, you will never find a better working environment in the world. It was sort of like a friend's hang out place, only it was our business. Then going on to Ionstorm was exciting… the chance to work with Romero on Daikatana. That was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. There are just so many people to learn from at that place. And John was always a riot to hang around…such an easy guy to talk to and someone I could talk to about the latest game I was playing! It was a hard decision to leave but I felt it would be good for me career wise. Here at Ritual I have a larger burden of responsibilities. Since it's a small team it's imperative to understand all aspects of creating artwork, so that when needed you can switch gears and help out. I have learned a great deal in 3d since I've been here, and that's something I've needed for a long time. Ritual also allows me to have input on game design. Who knows, I may want to create my own game someday and having the experience of designing a game will really come in handy. Besides, these guys are awesome here, both in talent and personality.

What are your all time favorite games and gaming genres?

How about Ill just tell you games I played in 1998 and let you take a guess. I played Abe's Odyssey, Final Fantasy VII, Megaman X4, Spyro the Dragon, Banjo Kazooie, Zelda 64, Zelda 3 SNES, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy III, Starcraft, Starcraft: Brood Wars, Age of Empires, Parappa the Rapper, Wild Arms, Diablo, Donkey Kong Country I and III, Super Mario World, and probably a few I missed.

I'm looking forward to playing Diablo II, Black and White, Giants, Final Fantasy VIII, and Chronotrigger.

We would like to thank Andrew Collins for taking the time to answer these questions.

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