Interview with Berenger "Zor" Fish, Ritual Grass Hut Maker

Image courtesy of Ritual Entertainment

Berenger Fish, a grass hut maker, recently came to Ritual from Rogue Entertainment.

First, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

/me stands up. Hello my name is Berenger. I'm an um.... I'm a level/game designer for Ritual Entertainment. I design the levels for our games as well as the game itself (along with everybody else in the team).

If you don't mind me asking, why did you leave Rogue for Ritual?

Leaving Rogue was one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. About a year ago in September I visited Dallas to see my buddy Redwood and to playtest a bit of quake2 (right before the q2test). We also stopped by the ritual offices... I was so impressed and excited by Sin, that I knew that Ritual was the place for me. I moved to Dallas to help my way into the industry. But things have a funny way of working out and I got an offer from Rogue and it was a fantastic experience. But when I got an offer from Ritual I couldn't refuse.

How is working at the Ritual offices different from Rogue?

Not too much different. The only big difference is because Ritual is a bit bigger, you can't phyicaly see everybody all at once. But it's the same friendly atmosphere.

When did you discover that you wanted to be a level designer?

I had always had a huge interest in designing levels for games.. But I had never thought of it as a career until quake came out. When I started.. I was thinking to myself "hey.. I can do this".

How does a usual work day go along for you?

Up until now it has been like this....
Get my arse outta bed try to be at work between 10-11am, speed to work, work on levels, or playtesting, or design on Heavy Metal. Continue until I can't function. Go back home... around 4-5am. Now that Sin is done I can slow down for a bit.. Like take weekends off.

What types of levels have you made for Sin?

I have many test maps, and a few uncompleted maps.. and two Deathmatch maps that are in the final version of the game. Envy and Gluttony.

How is creating levels for Sin different from Quake 1 and Quake 2?

They are not that different really. It's just that each one offers another level of freedom and complexity. Quake 1 was very limited in the amount of polys and types of entities you could have. Quake2 also had its limitations. But in Sin.. anything that you can imagine can be done with our powerful scripting language.

Any never-seen-before features in Sin that you thought were cool/neat?

Like I just said.... The scripting is so very powerful. Plus you don't need to recompile the level to make changes. How handy! Ontop of that we have so many entities to play with... I made a count once.. it was over 500.

How much has Sin changed (as a whole) from the day the demo was released until now?

So many features were added it's hard for me to say. In just the 1 1/2 months that I was here to see the finishing of Sin.. everyday something would get added or tweaked or improved in some way. Everything came together incredibly well.

Are you guys going to have Sin hats?

I already have one. :)

*editor's note* I need to get myself one. :)

What happens to the Sin team now that Sin is gold?

Sleep. And lots of it. I think there may be some alchohol abuse in there for some. :)

What will you be working on now that Sin has gone gold?

I'm working on our Heavy Metal Project. FAKK2

Anything special being included in the Sin box? Apart from Sin itself, of course. :)

Actualy.. I have no clue... I bet you can count on a cool piece of cardboard.

Well, that's all folks! Many thanks to Zor for taking the time to answer my questions.. Thanks man!