Setting Up mIRC and Getting Started

Where to get mIRC:

mIRC can be downloaded at You will need mIRC (or any other IRC client) to connect to IRC servers.

Connect to QuakeNet:

Type "/server -m -j #ritualistic" (without the quotes) in mIRC's command box.

Authenticate with Q:

If you plan on visiting QuakeNet regularly, it might be a good idea to create an account.
You can do this by typing:

/msg Q HELLO <> <>

where <> is your email address. QuakeNet will then email you the password for your personal account.

Auto-joining #ritualistic:

To automatically join #ritualistic whenever you start mIRC, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the remotes.ini file. (Press ALT+R in mIRC)
  2. Add a new line:

    on *:START:{ /server -m -j #ritualistic }

    You may add as many channels as you like, but they must be separated with commas (,).
  3. Alternatively, you can use the remote line to join multiple servers and the perform on connect option to perform multiple commands such as changing a nick and joining passworded channels.

    To do this, add a new line to remotes.ini:

    on *:START:{ /server -m }

    Go to mIRC preferences (ALT+O), expand the connect category and select perform. Add the networks you want and input the commands you would like performed on connect for each network.

    Commands include:
    /nick YourNick
    /j #channel1,#channel2
    /j #channel key

If you need further assisstance, don't hesitate to ask in the channel or email us by clicking here.