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  1. Video Preview at 1up.com
  2. When is activation?
  3. SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback and Suggestions
  4. Offical Countdown Thread.
  6. Spoiler Rules - Please Read
  7. First Impressions...
  8. why isnt my sin released yet
  9. Now I am glad I played the first sin...
  10. WHERE IS BLADE?!?!?!?!?!
  11. "You have found a secret" thread *spoiler warning*
  12. I'm... stuck.
  13. Arena mode?
  14. Already stuck, need help
  15. Found somthing interesting *spoiler warning*
  16. My Review...
  17. Who's won? and what are you.
  18. [Contains Spoilers] Bugs that I have found
  19. Is anyone else finding this game to be very hard??
  20. Great Game
  21. The Dopefish Lives!! *U4 Lab Spoilers*
  22. Congrats!
  23. My SiN: Emergence Episode 1 Review! Plus Vote!
  24. Post your end-game stats here! *Spoilers*
  25. Sin Episode Emergence - First Impression
  26. *Spoilers* SiN Episodes: Emergence Phone Book
  27. American Werewolf in London? I think so.(Spoilers)
  28. What a bad forum.
  29. Oh cmon!
  30. Personal Challenge System -- Notice
  31. SiN Music
  32. I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoilers*
  33. Cheats(If u dont like em dont flame, pretty pleas)
  34. SiN Episodes: Emergence Feedback
  35. "Arena" update - release date?
  36. Arena mode free or purchase?
  37. Save Games
  38. High-Res Cover
  39. comments, suggestions, critique
  40. Blocked in Security Hall U4
  41. stuck
  42. please help
  43. Cant get out of car use key dont work.
  44. Getting the music
  45. Changing difficulty without restarting
  46. Is SIN emergence hard? Video spoiler?
  47. What Is This?? Easter Egg...
  48. They keep saying "I got her"....?
  49. Intense combat, or insane combat?
  50. Post your favorite screenshot *possible spoilers*
  51. AI Issues?
  52. A rather disappointed and annoyed SiN fan
  53. gameplay clips from me
  54. Retail version.
  55. Im Stuck (feel dumb)
  56. How far have you gotten on on HardCorps mode?
  57. Suggestions for Betters Stats
  58. Shooting enemies to early can make you stuck
  59. Constructive feedback on difficulty *SPOILERS*
  60. First Impressions so far
  61. please help i'm stuck *U4 lab spoilers*
  62. Great job!
  63. High quality icon
  64. U4 Labs glitch? cant progress (possible spoilers)
  65. Curious Communications *spoiler I guess*
  66. Story hints
  67. Bring Blades Voice Back Petition
  68. HardCops mode and Time Attack mode
  69. Important: To Those Having Trouble with Difficulty
  70. Where's a Community Monkey when you need a banana?
  71. Spawning Elexis
  72. HELP! what are the controls for inside the car!!!
  73. Im stuck in the game
  74. Can't see Blade?
  75. JC is underwhelming
  76. Stuck, need help.
  77. Retail Package
  78. Question about bounding box, possible spoiler
  79. The Crane
  80. What a Idiot
  81. What's the lowest price you've seen for retail?
  82. What's missing from Emergence?
  83. Wow, this game is a system hog.
  84. Gibs
  85. My thoughts on Perfection
  86. Rating?
  87. Am I the only one who misses Sin's "hacking"?
  88. Hardcorps High Scores
  89. emergence-Soundtrack
  90. help me *construction maze spoilers*
  91. HOW to get above 100 HEALTH ????
  92. i need some advice
  93. Is the Game good?
  94. SiN Episodes: Review, right and wrong (SPOILERS)
  95. Gameplay Demos
  96. There is something horribly wrong with your game..
  97. Most Hated part of Episode 1
  98. Props to the sound team
  99. extrememly stuck
  100. How do you kill a helicopter? *SPOILERS*
  101. HUD query
  102. Episodic = Great!!
  103. Whats with that fish?
  104. subtitles?
  105. Whack-a-Grunt!
  106. So what's the final secret? (SPOILER ALERT)
  107. Stuck: Lab, Submarine, and Radek
  108. Games got me looking everywhere (possible spoiler)
  109. Rainlendar makes an appearance
  110. I'm Not a Cheater / Noclip-ing When Stuck
  111. Stuck in game *U4 Lab spoilers*
  112. It's Getting Hectic In Here, Blade! Yeah, No Shit
  113. Boss
  115. I'll tell ya though...
  116. Encyclopedia of Secrets (Videos) *Spoilers*
  117. STUCK IN GAME.... *U4 Lab spoilers*
  118. Problem Starting SiN:E (steam?)
  119. Is there a manual for Steam purchased version?
  120. Sin, mapping and us.
  121. Not worth to buy ?
  122. The Skill Rating
  123. Lumberyard
  124. STUCK early in the game -----HELP
  125. hiding weapon view?
  126. The Security Door in se1_u4lab01
  127. Map not finished! *May Contain spoilers*
  128. Whack A Grunt!
  129. HardCORPS mode is just as the name implies.
  130. Time of patch?
  131. The cast let of some steam....
  132. On Interactivity
  133. PATCH IS OUT!
  134. Gamespot review
  138. NAKED JESSICA PATCH !!!!!!!
  139. Sin Models
  140. Mutagen gas effect makes my screen go black
  141. Stuck in Supremacy Tower
  142. Warning - Important Topic
  143. John R BLade Muted....
  144. Known bugs.
  146. Just wanted to give Zak some praise...
  147. My opinion on Sin Episodes
  148. How Far am I?
  149. Bustin locks - added value inside!
  150. One button grenade priming
  151. Showdown
  152. Picking up Nades
  153. Sin Episode 2 ?
  154. Stuck with abilty to continue - a Bug?!
  157. Subtitles in SiN:E need reviewing
  158. Enemy Strategy Guide!
  159. SiN Episodes: Emergence beaten in 30 minutes.
  160. Multiplayer?
  161. Challenges
  162. Canadian edition censored?
  163. Problem Starting Game
  164. Stuck in one place for hours
  165. Help with, The First Time You Meet Radek.....
  166. Stuck in the water please HELP
  167. Interlopers.net takes a look at SiN
  168. how to get the different load-screens ?
  169. MERC profile for Emergence in drivers
  170. QotW: Story #1
  171. screen brightness
  172. You wanted BLADE TALK in Emergence? Look here!
  173. Highway scene ***Possible Spoilers***
  174. I am stuck!!
  175. Do You Like Winning?
  176. SiN Music Video / Skill Video
  177. Gah! Game too hard after quadralux
  178. IGN reviews SiN Episodes: Emergence
  179. Stuck on lift part!
  180. Stuck in Security Center in Supremacy Tower
  181. Stuck on the part with the lift and sub!
  182. Bring back the funny/sarcastic banter from SiN 1
  183. Make a call with satellitephones
  184. Running Sin Locally
  185. HELP: I'm stuck somewhere in Persuit - Descent
  186. I'm stuck in the first part of the game.........
  187. I am stuck after meeting with Radek.
  188. Stuck ***possible spoiler***
  189. ?! Action Based Outcomes ?! *Mild Spoilers*
  190. Im stuck in docks/Have major issues in console
  191. Stuck on construction site ***spoiler***
  192. How Many Steps Did You Take?
  193. Weird bug with the shadows
  194. What Do The Stat Ratings Mean?
  195. Sin Emergence theme song
  196. How do you kill the chopper? (mass spoilers)
  197. Cindy & Bianca
  198. Advanced Tactics
  199. Time Discrepencies
  200. STUCK! PLZ HELP!!!
  201. YOUR control setup
  202. G.U.I. questions
  203. "You have found a secret" is BACK!!
  204. Multiplayer?!?
  205. Icons Under Health Display??
  206. What's the World Come To Lyrcis
  207. challange rating meanings
  208. command to hide weapon
  209. Elexis Vs Stacy???
  210. the last secret mystery - ertertwert help me
  211. SoundTrack
  212. SiN: Episodes - Just Plain Fun
  213. Stuck in labs
  214. HELP needed in Radiation area
  215. Streamline
  216. installation for sin episodes
  217. New faces
  218. im stuck by viktor radek
  219. stuck at the destilation/cooling door,help!
  220. Weird bug?
  221. Resetting CD Key?
  222. The Recent Patch & Difficulty Levels
  223. Please help, idk how to kill the helo!
  224. Com Station phone list?
  225. Anyone else notice this easter egg?
  226. How many mercs ...
  227. Help in the Derelict tanker
  228. WTFish!?
  229. question about portrait icons
  230. Carrying health canisters
  231. help on sub level
  232. TIP: How To Get The Mini-Games List Back
  233. Stuck on Pursuit: Descent
  234. Will small glitches be fixed eventually?
  235. anyone know what this is?
  236. Videos of Context Look Items
  237. Speed Runs
  238. How to kill the enormous dog?
  239. dropping items during loading scenes!
  240. Stuck in U4 Labs
  241. use key will not open doors
  242. Request for Translation
  243. Getting Stuck in Different stages of Game
  244. Health Canisters and Throwable items
  245. X-Play Tech TV show
  246. Where to go at the train station
  247. Where to go near the mutagen gas
  248. Stuck in U4 Labs
  249. Getting stuck inside U4 labs
  250. SiN Episodes: Emergence review for my website.