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Dudley Dimwit 07-04-2006 12:39 AM

Download/Torrent for Retail Replacement?
I am a dimwit - I just bought the retail version of Episodes (after reading the requirements for the downloadable version online), got home and realized it comes packaged on DVD rather than CD. Of course, I don't have a DVD drive.

Is the retail version set up on a torrent or FTP server somewhere? I of course have a valid CD Key and all that.

Thanks for helping a dummy. I can't take the thing back to the store, because it's been opened.

Dudley Dimwit 07-04-2006 01:21 AM

Re: Download/Torrent for Retail Replacement?
I figured out that I could download Steam, register my game, and then use Steam to download. Hooray!

Only problem is -- I usually install all my games to a second drive. Steam seems to want to install only to my primary hard drive. Any suggestions on instead installing to the second drive would be appreciated.

mercurius420 07-04-2006 01:32 AM

Re: Download/Torrent for Retail Replacement?
You can absolutely install steam on a secondary hard drive. Mine is on drive F I believe. Sadly since I have only installed steam twice in my life I can't recall how I did it, but it should be fairly straight forward...

To get yourself going try steampowered.com Their messageboards and database searches should help you get where you need to be...

Dudley Dimwit 07-04-2006 03:33 AM

Re: Download/Torrent for Retail Replacement?
Problem solved... thanks. I was trying to install Steam to my main drive but the games to my additional drive. I just uninstalled Steam and reinstalled it to the added drive, and everything worked fine.

Thank you.

badman 07-04-2006 04:56 AM

Re: Download/Torrent for Retail Replacement?
Posting links to pirated versions of the game is a bannable offense - locking this thread so people don't get any ideas. :)

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