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The MiMiC 03-20-2000 09:50 PM

OT: Is this test a load of bullshit?
Prejudice test:
I just saw a test on the discovery channel that's supposed to determine if you're have racist tendencies, and I think it's a biased piece of shit.
First, it associates LEFT with BAD with a BLACK FACE, and RIGHT with GOOD with a WHITE FACE. Then, starting at the upper left corner of the page and moving counter clockwise, words (with good or bad associations) and pictures of black and white faces are shown, with the person taking the test picking the word or face that matches LEFT or RIGHT.
Next, the BLACK and WHITE faces are switched, with BLACK now being associated with GOOD and RIGHT, and WHITE being associated with BAD and LEFT. The test is then taken again.
The results of this scientifically proven and approved test? That both blacks and whites prefer white people.

The test is screwed up, if you ask me. First of all, human language is nothing more than sounds used as a means of expressing to others images within one's mind, words that are agreed upon to represent those images. Second, humans memorize things. This is a fact. How many times in school did you memorize the answers to a test, only to have the answers changed on the actual test. You know the answer that you memorized is wrong, yet you put the wrong answer anyways, because you MEMORIZED the wrong answer, thus overriding what your eyes tell you is right.

I think that if they reversed which picture was associated with GOOD/RIGHT (BLACK instead of WHITE) and which was associated with BAD/LEFT (WHITE instead of BLACK) on the first run, the test results would be reversed for most people, whether they are black or white. Not all cases, because some people are so racist they'd pick the face they didn't like no matter what it was associated with.

Kenny 03-20-2000 10:27 PM

Re: OT: Is this test a load of bullshit?
The blacks built the Great City of Zimbabwe, not the British.

Rome MiB 03-22-2000 12:02 AM

Re: OT: Is this test a load of bullshit?
"both blacks and whites prefer white people."

For dinner?

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