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fprefect111 05-12-2006 08:51 PM

Unable to fully complete SiN
I just bought SiN E1 a few days ago, and finally had the chance to play it. I was really enjoying it, until I had a few graphics-card related problems. The first one, in the U4 Lab, was already a bit pesky. I'd missed out on whatever was in that cinematic, and the game lost a bit of the "attatchement" I had before.
Then what really got to me was the fact that the game would freeze when the giant mutant tried to use his special DX7-incompatible attack, which froze my game up. I skipped the map, but yet again the game lost that feeling. I have the same problem with the giant mutant's second appearance, and with the end cinematic sequence. So, basically, I can't finish the game.

I know that the level loading problem has been attended to, but I haven't heard anything about the giant mutant. I really liked playing SiN, and I'd love to play the whole way through but I think that if I'm going to get the next episode this problem needs to be fixed.

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