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Automator 05-30-2003 03:38 PM

Patch it?
Forget all the bugs. So long as its playing well as a game, put it out and when you really fix everything possible come out with a patch in like late july early august. Maybe you dont have control or cant bill anything after its released i dont know but cmon, lets play some cz already.
I'll try to be patient and hopefully ritual up working at 4:30 is a good sign..... (maybe ill get a response if ask a question)
So, after CZ is released is that the end of Ritual's association with it? Will Ritual be able to supply anything to the community?

BrushBaron 05-30-2003 03:42 PM

Re: Patch it?
I hope to make tutorials on level design and scripting so you guys can learn to make your own missions for the game.

as far as our association with CS or CS:CZ when we are done, that is up to ValveSoftware.

When we are done with CS:CZ our immediate focus will go to CS for the XBox... which is essentially CS:CZ for the PC, PLUS CS and extra content for both CS and CS:CZ.

are you as confused as I am?

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