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madgernader 01-15-2007 10:45 PM

Questions about the Sin Eps SDK
Hey, I just got Sin Episodes today, I haven't installed it yet (damn 56k connection) but I was wondering How does the Sin SDK compare to the hl2 source SDK.

From what I read on it, its basically just hammer with a custom FGD so it pulls from the Sin Episodes GCF and I just wanted to confirm if thats correct.

Also when mapping for the SDK, can you only map for Arena mode or can you make single player story driven maps (or are they the same?)

Also, I read that the SDK is still in its beta stages, does that mean that you cant make mods from it like you can for the source SDK? If not, will that be added to the final?

Sorry if these are all really obvious once I download it, but I wanted to know what to expect...

Xenogenetic 01-16-2007 03:45 PM

Re: Questions about the Sin Eps SDK
Obviously it is Hammer, an old version of Hammer(and modified I think) and obviously it takes files from the GCF as well as files in the game's directory, just like the SourceSDK.

You can make both types of maps.

I don't know if they called it beta, but it's not the full SDK.

Have you ever used the the Source SDK?

madgernader 01-16-2007 04:08 PM

Re: Questions about the Sin Eps SDK
Ok, thats what I figured,

Yea Ive used the Source SDK, I'm pretty much a mapping junkie, that and the faceposer's always fun to mess with, The SDK was actually a big part in why I bought it for the $10 since it has new textures and models and the likes it'll make for a nice change in pace.

That and I had been looking at sin eps since before it was released then kinda questioning whether or not too get it after reading what some thought about it, and seeing the reveiw on G4's Xplay (2/5), but I think it'll be worth it...

ertertwert 01-26-2007 01:57 AM

Re: Questions about the Sin Eps SDK
Well Ritual got bought out because not enough people purchased this game. The SDK is gonna stay how it is.

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