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mastersrp 05-02-2008 01:28 PM

SiN Episodes Level Design Wiki
Hello everyone.
i'm a new user on Ritualistic Forums and i have the game "SiN Episodes: Emergence".

As most of you think, the game ended too quickly and therefore was a bit boring.

A "bit" after the relase of the game the SDK was out, and many level designers owning the game wanted to make maps for it.
I gave it a go too :)

But now that the SiN Episodes Level Editing Wiki is down, i can't get anymore help from there, so i've decided to make a new Wiki available to anyone.

The Wiki is NOWHERE near complete, i haven't placed a single detail on it, yet, and without you (The SiN Episodes Community) this will also be impossible.

The Wiki is available here Valve Developer Wiki SiN Episodes Category

So get a user on the page, and start typing everything you know about SiN Episodes: Emergence Level Designing :D

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