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HigHrEz 10-21-2003 02:59 AM

opinion of ritual skins/sounds
for those of you that have seen screen shots or played the leaked cz/dled the ritual skins what do u think of their models?

my opinion?
----> the models are great, although the galil and famas feel a bit different and i personally do not like, the rest of the models make up for it and in my opinion the scout has had the most improvement.

on a note with the sounds, some of the radio commands i need to get used to and the commentator or whatever saying terrorists win/cts win, but the weapon and other sounds are the best i have ever heard... its a shame that valve has butchered most of rituals work

PoOKiE 10-22-2003 02:05 AM

Re: opinion of ritual skins/sounds
I agree 100%

Is Ritual making money off the sale of CZ though? Cause i don't want to give my money to Valve when I'd rather be giving it to Ritual... And odds are I'll have to take the models from the leaked one and import them into Valves glorified CS1.6/Tony Hawk thing since they don't seem to like them for some reason.

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