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thefrasers 03-30-2004 10:51 AM

Help needed on 1st mission!
I'm one of those people who really like CS:CZ cos I no longer have to trawl the net for bots, maps updates etc.
And I'd really like the single player missions except I get stuck so fast! What I really need is a walkthru, but failing that , can NE1 trell me how to get past the section with the second broken aircraft? I can break thru the boxes, kill loads of terrorists (includng the one in the SMG bunker) but then get stuck. How do I get out of here? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

Rusty_le_Cyborg 03-30-2004 10:56 AM

Re: Help needed on 1st mission!
If you are where I think then it's not hard. Just go past the MG nest and there is a door to go through....

thefrasers 03-30-2004 02:00 PM

Re: Help needed on 1st mission!
Thanks - you're right. Im sure I tried that door before and it didnt open. Now I'm stuck looking for the delta operative; when I go back to the tower there's no sign of him. I assume I have to climb the ladder - but I don't know how to - should I just keep jumping?

BrushBaron 03-30-2004 02:38 PM

Re: Help needed on 1st mission!
No, you don't climb that ladder, head back the way you came, through the arch like tunnel that bends to the left and a set of double doors straight ahead should be open. There will be a fire fight and you need to go right (through a door to the inside room) to find the delta operative.

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