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Stylsy 03-21-2007 05:57 AM

Elite Force II Co-Op?
Chriss Strahl has proved that there is even more to be played in Star Trek Elite Force II by releasing the first version of his Hazard Modding Co-Op Script, which if you know your scripting, will enable you to play any of the game's single player missions in co-operative style with a buddy.

For none modders, this release will allow you to try out the co-op mode in one of the secret maps, so try it now by downloading it at Elite Force Files

Chriss 07-28-2008 12:47 PM

Re: Elite Force II Co-Op?
HZM Co-Op Mod version 3.4 comes with the complete Mission 7, new features and many improvements.

Detailed List:
- Improved Quad AI
The Quad can now Handle Multiple Players
- Updated Configure Hud.
New bind Items added.
- Upgraded the Main Menu Hud.
Advanced Network Tool added.
- Upgraded the Serverlist Hud.
Server IP's are now visible.
- Embeded the Advanced Health Hud.
It's no longer in a separate pk3.
- Fixed important issues on a all levels.
It feels and plays better, that's all what you need to know ;)
- Translated one map of the Mission 9 (Klingon Base).
As promised at last on map of Mission 9, the other two maps are still in work.
- Added Medic Feature (healing possible with the Tricorder).
Team-mates can now heal each other with a Tricorder.
- Translated a complete new Mission (Attrexian Colony) with 5 maps.
Five amazing new Maps translated for Multiplayer use, just enjoy!
- Added communicator Hud to quickly send Messages or give Orders to the Team, in English and German.
To make communication easier and of course much quicker.

Download from
1. http://ef2-coop-mod.chrissstrahl.de/
2. http://www.moddb.com/mods/hazard-modding

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