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Catsimboy 06-14-2006 12:05 AM

My re-skins don\'t work
I reskinned the MobGrunt to give him urban camo and it didn't work the way HL2 usually works by putting the edited VTF files in the appropriate folders. I thought maybe I was editing the wrong file so I tried making a blue magnum because there's only one VTF for the magnum's skin but when that didn't work I knew something was wrong. Do I have to edit some line of text somewhere to make it so the game uses the files that are in the game folder instead of reading straight from the GCF files?

Omega1 06-14-2006 07:48 AM

Re: My re-skins don\'t work
Custom materials/skins are disabled in SiN: Episodes for some non-explained reason. Apparantly you can use custom models, sounds, and other things, just not custom skins.

The only workaround to be able to use custom skins would be to create a SiN: Episodes mod in the SourceMods folder and put the skins there (Kind of like how this mod does it. Sorry for the nude mod example).

If you do this, you'll also need to copy over all your config settings, stats, save games, and etc. too, assuming you still want to use them.

Catsimboy 06-14-2006 03:28 PM

Re: My re-skins don\'t work
Thanks for the workaround. I'm sure somebody will figure the easy way out for us soon.

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