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Roncorolla 05-15-2003 01:50 AM

What are they playing???
Ok, I am sure everyone has seen the extrememly large pic of the CZ booth. Now I am curious to know, what are those people playing or observing at the booth--hopefully they are playing. Is that game on display there the officially complete version of CZ for release on PC? If so why not ship it out to everyone now so that the delay of placing it on store shelves won't add to the painful waiting period. I mean, is that really the full version ready for shipping of CZ being played at that E3 booth, you know, the one with the 3 CTs holding an M4, the one new gun ??Famus??, and an mp5?

Can one of the Ritual staff confirm this for us? Cause if that one they are playing at that booth is the final shipping version...I'll send you some cash and you can let me download that CZ over there and let me start playing already. [img]/forums/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Does CZ boxes that we purchase from a store come with a CDKEY of its own for online play? I could use another key for my other computer...

Wolf8218 05-15-2003 01:57 AM

Re: What are they playing???
you tard it is NOT the finished version that is why they call it a "demo"
think before you speak!!

Roncorolla 05-15-2003 02:22 AM

Re: What are they playing???
Well, the release date is supposedly so close that I expected it to be close to if not the release version. Even if it was a "demo" then perhaps they would release a "demo" to us. They haven't.

Don't be an idiot, and you think before you reply, as I wouldn't pose the question if I weren't concerned about the answer. So before getting answered by an idiot with no relation to the Ritualistic staff, I ONCE AGAIN POSE THE QUESTION...TO THE RITUALISTIC STAFF or anyone else with information regarding the issue of the version being played at the E3 booth. If it is a demo, send one our way, if it isn't let me know and inform us about the impending release due to that playable version if so being shown at the booth.

BrushBaron 05-15-2003 02:40 AM

Re: What are they playing???
I can barely make out what level that is...

What they are showing is the xbox version of counter-strike, that won't come out until sometime after 2003 summer. The PC Counter-Strike: Condition Zero game is nearing completion as we speak but I won't give any release date because there isn't one yet. It's soon though, very soon.

rootbin 05-15-2003 02:52 AM

Re: What are they playing???
*pulls out his hair*


kanaeda 05-18-2003 01:45 AM

Re: What are they playing???
indeed, that is a shot of the uber-cool area we had in Microsoft's X-Box area at E3. It was set up and running a 4-on-4 game using the Live network.

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