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X3NOMORPH 05-10-2006 03:42 PM

Sin Problem
when i go to play sin episodes it stays on the background with the big sin episodes logo, but nothing else is loading [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

Michael_Russell 05-10-2006 05:02 PM

Re: Sin Problem
How long have you let it sit at that screen?

OohChit 05-10-2006 05:43 PM

Re: Sin Problem
I have the same problem. How long are you supposed to wait?
It locks up my computer also. Alt+tab=nothing, ctl+alt+del=nothing.

jank 05-10-2006 05:57 PM

Re: Sin Problem
exact same problem. I have no problems with other Steam products. I have waited for more than 15 minutes - nothing happens. Maybee im just impatient ?

Michael_Russell 05-10-2006 05:59 PM

Re: Sin Problem
Can you guys please post your DXDIAG information so I can try to find a commonality?

Michael_Russell 05-10-2006 06:01 PM

Re: Sin Problem
Also, if you are running ZoneAlarm, please make sure that you allow SinEpisodes.exe to see the Internet.

jank 05-10-2006 06:05 PM

Re: Sin Problem
Ahh - the firewall trick did it :-) Thanx - you just ruined my night :-D

X3NOMORPH 05-10-2006 07:16 PM

Re: Sin Problem
Yeps the Zonealarm trick did it, thanks guys its an amazing game!

Wakim 05-11-2006 07:09 PM

Re: Sin Problem
It's things like this that make me realize why there should be a manual. These days everyone should have a firewall, so this should have been anticipated. I HATE having my computer lock up and having to power down to get it to work.

It's crp like this that makes me wish I never bought this game.

SenorPhatnutZ 05-11-2006 11:45 PM

Re: Sin Problem
Somebody call this guy a WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHMbulance.

Before you flame the devs and the people who busted their butts to bring a quality game to market maybe you should use your brain a little and think about things like network access. Every STEAM app needs internet access to run, why would this one be different? If it should have been anticipated hten why didn't you anticipate it?

Besides, if the 17 bucks that you're out for buying this game is REALLY that big of a deal to you then you probably ought to spend some time tightening your grip on reality.

Don't even bother to respond with some lame excuse or ill conceived retort. I've already decided you're not worth arguing with and won't be wasting any more time pointing out your short sightedness.

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