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Telknor 08-24-2009 09:58 PM

Str: allocation error ?

I have been reading all the problem solving threads on the forum for two days now and can not find anyone that has already posted this problem. I am on the Information gather mission on the enterprise where you have to talk to the scientist lady who is dressed like a gypsy and confined to quarters. After speaking to her you can choose to go to stellar cartography with her or go to your team members quarters ether way you get orders to go to the bridge. Once in the turbolift it tries to load the next part. The first time the game crashes here it got to the video and played up to the point Picard says "..we'll beam the prisoners to your ship." then I got the standard 'this program needs to close. we're sorry for the inconvenience. would you like to send an error report to microsoft?' error message. So I reloaded the game and it played as far as the load bar in the lift before giving the same error. I then tried many of the settings change fixes in the forums to fix this error. Now when I go to the lift and it gets to the load bar I get the in game error box after it dumps back to the main menu screen that says 'Str: failed on allocation of 1065433840 bytes' So what is this new error and how do I get past it?

Thank you for your time,


Chriss 08-26-2009 10:35 PM

Re: Str: allocation error ?
Have you installed the official patch ?

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