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Alexraptor 12-16-2006 04:07 AM

Performance issues?
My system configuration is as follows:

Dual Xeon 2.2GHz
2048GB Rambus 400MHz RDRAM
XFX GeForce 7800GS eXtreme(500/1500MHz Overclock)

I seem to be having a bit of performance trouble, whenver i turn on stencil shadows, the framerate seems to drop. i have also noticed a small drop in framerate in some situations when i use anti-aliasing and "anisotropic filtering".
i run at 1280x1024(alltho i have no problem with 1600x1200, but i use the lower resolution because of my monitor) screen resolution and all other graphic quality settings set to full.
I am very technically knowlagable of computer systems, and one would think the game would run perfectly with everything on.

Is this an optimization issue of the game? or an incomatability issue?

elwing 12-16-2006 12:17 PM

Re: Performance issues?
i am sorry, but the high end graphic configuration for actual games is some 7900 gtx sli... your 7800gs is far from the top, even with your great cpu & ram configuration playing with all eye candy on and a high resolution settings will make your fps go down...

Alexraptor 12-16-2006 01:02 PM

Re: Performance issues?
Except Elite Force 2 is a 2003 game on the Quake 3 engine. the geforce 7 series or even 6 series did not exist back then. i know of no Q3 based game that can overload an overclocked 7800GS. no the problem lies somewhere else, as my card is fully capable of running the entire generation of games from 2003, 2004 and most of 2005 on high settings.

elwing 12-16-2006 03:33 PM

Re: Performance issues?
hum, my bad, i was thinking you were talking of sin episode... i think i lost myself on the wrong forum :) forget what i said in that case...

Alexraptor 12-16-2006 04:40 PM

Re: Performance issues?
thats ok, we all make mistakes at one time or another ;)

Chriss 12-16-2006 10:01 PM

Re: Performance issues?
It doesen't matter as far as i know, how new your grafic card is. The game won't use all features, so it can happen that the new tech does not fit that well for the old game.

It is a advanced and improved Q3 Engine wich EF2 is using. I do not know about dual core cpu's, but it coud be possible that the game does only use one of the cores. The game is also extremly hungry on high details!

But what i can say for sure is if you pushup antialising and anistropic filtering you don't have to wonder about bad frames.
Those featrures are very hungry, and i don't know about your card, how it handles those features. So this means it can be the game as well as your hardware in comination with the features and software you are using.

If i push it up to the maximum (i have to admit my card does not have DX9 support) then i get on the best time 30 Frames and on worsest time i got 0.8 (zero point eight) and this is not a joke!

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