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Sniffer 01-18-2003 12:32 PM

CZ: Ideas
Hey just wondering if some of our ideas are to late to be put in Cz?...i have a few and im sure alot of others as well..

Fiber optic Camera is going to be in Cz, im just thinking, if u could plant a wireless camera anywhere on the map, and on your hud, int he top right hand corner, u see a black & white image comming from the map,...this would be good seeing u can place it anywhere, like laser trip mine, and see if anyone is comming...

CptCox 01-18-2003 08:38 PM

Re: CZ: Ideas
That sounds pretty cool. If that got implemented, I'd have to make the transmission range limited to about 20ft and only avalible to the player that set it up. The camera would have to be a small, stealthy thing, but big enough for the enemy to see and shoot out of commision.

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