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Scarcrux 05-16-2003 03:30 PM

E3 2003 Coverage Roundup - Day 3
<list>[*]Chris Stockman Interview

A recording of the LiveWire audio interview with Elite Force II lead designer Chris Stockman is available on FilePlanet. He talks about being allowed to add three new races -- Idryll, Attrexians and Exomorphs -- to the Star Trek universe and how Ritual will support the mod community.

[*]More CSX Impressions

Another GameSpy reporter who claims to be a longtime player of Counter-Strike has written up his account of a single-level demo playable only at E3. This guy says CSX is shaping up well and in some respects, it's even better than the PC version.

[*]CSX Tournament Video

Xbox.com has released some brief footage of the CSX tournament held by Microsoft, showing the E3 booth and the overhauled map de_dust from the perspective of a CT running out of base. In case you missed it, the CSX trailer is also available for viewing. Windows Media Player 9 is required to view either streaming video.

Update: 500 KB worth of screencaps here.

[*]EF2 Site Update

There's a whole slew of screenshots and model renders over at the Star Trek Elite Force II product site. Among the highlights of this batch are interior shots of Enterprise-E, end bosses and the Tetryon gatling gun.

[*]CSX Multiplayer Maps

According to Games Domain, Counter-Strike for Xbox will include 15 multiplayer maps, not all of the current maps as had been previously reported. No details yet on which maps made the cut and if the losers will be offered as downloadable content through Xbox Live.</list>

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