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BrushBaron 07-01-2003 06:44 PM

Editing for CS:CZ
Is anyone in the mod community interested in learning how to make SP missions for CS:CZ once the game is released?

kevin442 07-01-2003 07:01 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
right here [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

Wolf8218 07-01-2003 07:04 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
shut up kevin
i sure am glad that there is SP
im sure that people will start making VERY detailed SP maps, so they dont have to stick with 500MHz-Able maps :P

kevin442 07-01-2003 08:06 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
and there goes wolf again arguing about a post i made. u might as well lock this post cuz hes just gonan keep making smart @$$ remarks as usual.

Ice_Commando 07-01-2003 09:14 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Bush Baron: Right here, I'm definitly interested.

Wolf8218 07-01-2003 09:33 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
if you werent arguing then why the Fu Ck did you post?
dont post anymore you little 10 year old.
DNR=Do Not Reply

kevin442 07-01-2003 09:34 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
u do not make sense what so ever

xile 07-01-2003 10:44 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Ive been thinking about learnings stuff to become in the mod screne. Will we have to know alot about the mod scene to do these cause if not i deffinately want to learn.

Automator 07-01-2003 11:41 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Im very interested. I'm hoping you can post a cz fgd and maybe even a tutorial on new entities and application (if you were so kind). I would love to get started on a mission.

enfestid 07-02-2003 12:54 AM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ

Is anyone in the mod community interested in learning how to make SP missions for CS:CZ once the game is released?

Does that mean the game's about to be released, or am I being hopeful? [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] lol

GunSm0k3 07-02-2003 07:12 AM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Well I've been mapping for CS a while, but the biggest problem is that everything allready has been done.

i'm working at a bumpercars map right now.

But A CZ map will be much more a challenge, something that has not been done a million times.

Yeah I'm up for it gimme the tuts, fgd etc

Venmoch 07-02-2003 08:52 AM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Yes, Yes I am.

I just need to evolve from the hollow cube bit thats been stumping me.

Kalabalana 07-02-2003 03:19 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
I'm guessing they are going to be releasing a sdk shortly. They might release this to the community soon in an imitation of big brother half-life 2, and/or to show that the game will be out shortly.

BrushBaron 07-02-2003 03:27 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Honestly, I don't know when the SDK will be released, before the game or after the game is on the store shelves. but what I can do now is start organizing content for a website. I think the first thing I'll cover is the scripting language, which is stupid simple to learn but very powerful.

GunSm0k3 07-02-2003 04:41 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
on what is the scripting language based, I mean, pascal, c, basic?? Or something else.

So it ain't that simple like making HL sp levels?

kanaeda 07-02-2003 04:43 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
here's something to consider...

anybody know how to create an fgd?
it's been mentioned several times in various places that ritual is using their in-house version of radiant to build CZ levels. radiant uses the standard quake .def file format for entity information in the editor. it might be worthwhile for somebody with a good grasp on the fgd format to perhaps offer their help in cranking out a working fgd for Condition Zero.

GunSm0k3 07-02-2003 05:14 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
open it with textpad or some text-editor.

You'll get it.

Kalabalana 07-02-2003 06:03 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
lol textpad, the programmers universal ide. I've used it for my mirc scripting, java, and c.

BrushBaron 07-02-2003 06:55 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
That's a cool idea, so that people who work with worldcraft can also make maps. Hmmm...

BrushBaron 07-02-2003 07:04 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
CZ has its own language, I'm not sure what it can be compaired to. Basically, in the editor you may have a trigger_once that targets a trigger_script entity. In the trigger_script entity it will point to two different things. A script file and the specific thread (block of code) within that script file. Inside that thread you can trigger other entities and play sounds, etc. Here's a very quick small example.

#pause = 2.5
#triggertarget = "walk_here_bitch" //triggers a scripted_sequence that makes a scientist walk to it.
#pause = 5.0
#killtarget = "doogie_howser" //kills the scientist

What's really cool about these scripts is that you can make changes to them that drastically affect your level game-play but you don't need to recompile your map, just reload the level and it will read in your script file along with its changes.

GunSm0k3 07-02-2003 07:21 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
so possibly there could be away to make several scripts, name them like script1, script2, script3 and like textures it will pick one of them, is such a thing implemented?

Would make lot's of variation, like once the scientist goes to the terror and gets killed, or he stays, and gets killed there or he runs away and gets shot in the back.

I sure hope they thought something like this.

Or is there an OR statement, otherwise an Ifelse or case, with rand or something?

BrushBaron 07-02-2003 07:43 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
Here's a list of what the scripts can't do:

if then, else statements
creating variables and storing values
and probably more that it can't do that most scripting languages can do.

The CZ scripting language is VERY VERY simplistic. It's really an alternate way of triggering entities the way you can within the editor. If a player walked into a trigger_once the designer can choose to have it trigger a multi_manager (which triggers lots of other entities) or have it trigger a trigger_script entity (which triggers a thread in the script file).

There is a way to create randomness to your levels but I'm not experienced with that yet. I think you'd have to use multisource entities that act as an AND gate. If one thing is active AND something is, this other thing will happen, but if both aren't triggered then it won't happen. So, you probably have to design your levels to have a non-linear approach and lots of different things may or may not be activated by the player.

Wolf8218 07-02-2003 09:05 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
If it is ANYTHING like making single player missions in Starcraft i will give it a try [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

enfestid 07-03-2003 11:11 AM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ

If it is ANYTHING like making single player missions in Starcraft i will give it a try [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Don't count on them being too similar since they are a different genre...

Wolf8218 07-03-2003 06:40 PM

Re: Editing for CS:CZ
yeah, i know
but you know like triggers and placing units, waypoints and stuff... you know

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