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badman 10-02-2003 05:35 PM

EF2 Master Server Outage
Activision's Elite Force II master server will be down on Friday, October 3, for some routine maintenance, which should be completed by the end of the day. This will affect the in-game server browser, as well as programs like GameSpy Arcade and The All-Seeing Eye, as they contact the master server in order to download the current list of game servers. It will still be possible to manually connect to servers.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-02-2003 09:15 PM

Re: EF2 Master Server Outage
If it's only limited to EF2.........

Who the @$%X! cares :P

badman 10-03-2003 08:34 AM

Re: EF2 Master Server Outage
All of Activision's master servers will be down.

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